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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

2019 Forecast

Monthly Details

Sun in Aquarius
February 13th - March 15th

March 14th
Mercury Rx enters Aquarius
March 15th
Sun enters Pisces
March 22nd
Venus enters Aquarius
March 23rd
Mars enters Taurus

March 6th
New Moon 20° 46' Aquarius
March 20th
Full Moon 5° 08' Virgo

Dates of Note
March 5th
Mercury stations retrograde

March 14th
Sun conjunct Mercury Rx
March 24th
Mercury conjunct Neptune
March 28th
Mercury stations direct

March 2019 Overview - Sidereal Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to Sidereal Insights, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective.


Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use the easy online calculator  to find out for free.


Venus square Uranus


Early March brings with it urgent changes and sudden upsets which result in last minute shifts in priorities just as Mercury prepares for his retrograde.


While this may trigger adjustments and changes to long term priorities and plans, the three weeks of Mercury’s retrograde provide the perfect opportunity to do just that: review where changes are necessary and generate ideas around how you might approach them.


Remember to leave elbow room around the beginning and end of the retrograde for the intense energy of the planetary station to dissipate. Mercury--or any planet--is powerful and unpredictable when stationary, and you don’t want to be left dealing with the aftermath messing up your carefully laid plans.


Mercury stations retrograde


Mercury will station retrograde beginning the 5th, just before the new moon, and he’ll remain retrograde most of the month, through the 28th. You’ll want to avoid beginning anything important, making expensive purchases, buying electronics, automobiles, or signing contracts while he’s retrograde if at all possible, though there are helpful ways to leverage Mercury’s retrograde influence.


You can read all about Mercury retrograde right here to help you navigate the coming weeks with greater ease.

New moon in Aquarius, Sun & Moon conjunct Neptune


The Aquarius new moon March 6th can leave us emotionally energized toward fulfilling our dreams--this could be beneficial if there’s a history of false starts in this area, as you can leverage a second chance. In this respect, insights which trigger transformation, profound change, pain, death & rebirth can ultimately help us move closer to our aspirations and further our spiritual evolution.


Expect Neptune to cast an mystical spell over a normally airy and intellectual new moon, creating illusion and affecting our ability to find clarity of thought and intent. Perhaps keep your intentions for this new moon a little looser and less detailed.  


Sun sextile Saturn


Self discipline comes easier near the 9th, and a greater sensitivity to both commitments and to the consequences of our actions.


Mars sextile Neptune


Acts of self sacrifice may be required of us near the 10th, when Mars and Neptune team up to inspire us to act on our spiritual inclinations. Take some time for spiritual observance or exploration.


Sun sextile Pluto, Mars trine Saturn


Working hard toward what we want could gain the attention of a VIP near the 13th . Commitment can bring lasting beneficial change at this time.


Mercury square Jupiter, Sun enters Pisces


On the 15th the sun makes his annual ingress into Pisces, the final sign in the zodiac. He’ll be here for four weeks, through mid April, encouraging rest, retreat, reflection, and a spirit of selfless service.  


With Mercury retrograde, consider using this time to make amends if there’s someone in you’re life with whom you’ve had a falling out and would like to reconcile.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

Mercury sextile Pluto


Or, seek forgiveness near the 16th, whether that’s forgiveness for--or from--someone else, or simply you forgiving yourself for something you feel you’ve done wrong.


Full moon in Virgo, Mars trine Pluto, Mercury sextile Saturn


Then, muddled thinking and unrealistic expectations are a real risk with the full moon in Virgo March 21st, as Neptune and Mercury interfere with our ability to clearly analyze and integrate critical information or knowledge.


Venus square Mars, Venus sextile Jupiter


Take action towards what’s important near the 21st, when Mars and Venus engage from cardinal signs. The urge for action is likely to be rewarded if acted upon, so make the most of the opportunity.


Venus enters Aquarius


On the 22nd Venus leaves Capricorn for eclectic Aquarius where she’ll spend the next three weeks bucking trends and paving her own way stylistically. True equality and authentically free expression take on greater collective importance during this time as we more easily recognize our shared values.  


Mars enters Taurus


The next day Mars moves into Taurus for a roughly six week long stay in the sign of the Bull, a somewhat more tempered placement for the warrior planet. Taurus evokes a passive side of Mars more suited to defensive than aggressive tactics in the coming weeks.


We’ll still feel that Martian drive to have our way, but we’ll express it as stubborn, resolute, and headstrong tendencies rather than the outright aggression or initiative more typical of Mars.

Mercury conjunct Neptune


Watch for secrets and hidden information to come out near the 24th when Neptune and retrograde Mercury meet up in to expose where we’ve been mislead or deceived.


Alternatively, prepare yourself for ah ha moments and near psychic insights as these two planets team up in novel and ingenious Aquarius for dreaming and discovery.


Venus sextile Uranus


Moments of unexpected beauty or affection may surprise and delight near the 27th when Venus, the moon and Uranus all dance together. Appreciate spontaneous pleasures.


Mercury stations direct


Month’s end finally brings Mercury’s wayward wandering to an end, and he stations direct once again. Give the days around the 28th some space if you’re doing anything of importance so as not to get caught in his wake.


Mercury will be back up to speed by mid April, making progress much easier to achieve.


Read on for your short report by sign.


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The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide


Be careful entering into any financial dealings in the wake of the March 6th new moon in Aquarius, as the sun and moon will conjoin Neptune, potentially obscuring information you need. The outcome of whatever you might start is likely to be both unpredictable and uncertain, and with Mercury’s retrograde in the picture this isn’t the right time for agreements, contracts, or taking risk with others’ resources. If you need to dig deep psychologically, or metaphysically, or seek reconciliation and emotional healing, those pursuits are well supported. Finish a writing project or take a trip you’ve been planning in the days near March 21st.


When the new moon activates your career sector March 6th you can enter into a new cycle of leadership in your professional life. Use this new moon to tap into the dreams of those whose buy in you need and inspire them around your vision in order to create necessary change. At the March 21st full moon in Virgo you’ll have your hands full with a creative effort coming to a head.


Your thinking is stimulated in a big way with the March 6th new moon, dear Gemini, and what you start in the wake of it germinates in mystical ground. Spiritual insights and awakenings are possible which can ultimately inform your professional aspirations. Embark on a return journey to somewhere you’ve been before and learn or experience something new. Explore the intangible. Then at the full moon, a private matter could come to a head. Or, use this time to wrap up a real estate or property related concern.


Be careful entering into any financial dealings in the wake of the March 6th new moon in Aquarius, as the sun and moon will conjoin Neptune, potentially obscuring information you need. The outcome of whatever you might start is likely to be both unpredictable and uncertain, and with Mercury’s retrograde in the picture this isn’t the right time for agreements, contracts, or taking risk with others’ resources. If you need to dig deep psychologically, or metaphysically, or seek reconciliation and emotional healing, those pursuits are well supported. Finish a writing project or take a trip you’ve been planning in the days near March 21st.


Thinking about beginning a new joint project or partnership? It might seem ideal at the moment, with Neptune casting his spell over the new moon, but Mercury will have just gone retrograde--so chill out in the planning phase a while longer and use the time to consider possibilities and make note of any special insight or inspiration. Or, if you’ve recently had a falling out in a business or marriage relationship, use Mercury’s retrograde to patch things up between you. Then, finances or expenses come to the fore at the March 21st full moon--but be watchful, and double check figures, accounts, bills, and invoices for Neptune’s befuddling influence.


 Service is important to you, especially selfless service, and you may find a way to work it in to your daily practice with the new moon in Aquarius highlighting your 6th House of workaday matters. This may be a spiritual practice or other small ritual which you used to enjoy regularly and find yourself called/drawn to return to. The full moon in your sign on the 21st could stir up misunderstanding over a partnership matter. It may be unclear whose tasks are whose when it comes to tying up loose ends.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide


If you were to start a love affair in the days around the March 6th new moon in your true love sector, it likely wouldn’t last long--or at least, it could turn out to be a big disappointment.. Better to hold off and get to know folks better in the short term and avoid disillusionment in the long term. People may not really be what they seem right now. Finish up a solo project near the March 21st full moon in Virgo or plan some time away for rest and spiritual retreat. A secret could come out, potentially related to a love affair or a child, or even a gamble you’ve taken.


Home and family are in focus for you at the March new moon, dear Scorpio, and you’ll need to be flexible. Living arrangements or parental matters may be in a state of flux and you may need to adapt at a moment’s notice. If you’re moving, delay signing a lease agreement or other contract or application until after Mercury goes direct later this month if at all possible. If you can’t, commit to month to month or short term with an option to renegotiate later and keep looking. Then at the full moon, throw your housewarming party--invite a few close friends, throw on a movie, and enlist friendly help to hang paintings and photographs in your new digs and make it yours.


Thinking about a short getaway, dear Sag? Start making arrangements with the March new moon, but think about going back to somewhere you’ve been before and and really enjoy. This may be an unusual or unique location somewhere near water, or you may travel by water to get there. You could reach a career milestone later in the month, near the March 21st full moon in Virgo. Tie up loose ends on the professional front.


Everyone knows you’re serious business when it comes to your plans, dear Capricorn, so you’re not expected to sit idly by for your once-yearly 2nd House new moon just because of a little Mercury retrograde. This is a wealth building opportunity, and you can still use it to increase your income==by offering your services to past clients, marketing to repeat customers, or going back to work for an old boss, even temporarily. If you need to take up a new job or income source right now, by all means do, but if you can go back into a previous business or line of work, or wait for the retrograde to pass, then consider doing so. Otherwise, expect circumstances with your new job or employer to change in some way later on.


It’s your birthday new moon, dear Aquarius! Celebrate with a retro-themed party and reinvent yourself--go ahead and rock that Hypercolortm thrift store find, just nothing new & drastic, ok? In fact, tap into the temporal nature of illusion if you really need to electrify your image right now--stick to things that wash out, wash off, or fade away. Play around and experiment with new looks, but don’t make any permanent changes. A financial dealing may be in the final stages near the 21st, but delay signing anything if you must--at minimum, delay until the very end of the month, after Mercury is direct once again. If you’re paying off a debt, be sure to keep copies of your final payment records and verify everything for accuracy.


An introspective spin may be in order for you with this month’s new moon in your 12th House of seclusion, dear Pisces. You may need to retreat and relax in order to regain your health and energy, or just to recharge your batteries and be fresh for what’s coming later. Just keep your own counsel, as Mercury retrograde in your sign--as he’ll be until the 14th--can make private matters public. A joint project may be winding down in the days near the full moon March 21st, or a partner of yours may reach a significant milestone or accomplishment of their own. Celebrate privately, just the two of you.

The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

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