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MAY 2018

Aquarius Sun
Aquarius Rising

May means graduation time for some Aquarian babies, for others it could mean the opportunity to travel abroad, or reach a legal judgement, or publish a book, even. Alternatively, a broadcasting venture you’ve been working on may finally be ready to air.

Mars enters Capricorn


Mars’ entrance into Capricorn and your solar 12th House means an extended opportunity for rest and relaxation for you, dear Aquarius. You’ve earned it, now it’s time to recuperate.


Normally this transit lasts just seven weeks, but Mars’ upcoming retrograde in your 12th House of seclusion means he’ll spend six months in this part of your chart.  


Mercury square Pluto, Venus square Neptune, Sun opposed Rx Jupiter


Your financial involvement with a friend or organization could become an issue near the 7th of May, a difficult day when you could face challenges at home, as well.

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Mercury Enters Aries


Travel and communication are an important theme in the coming three and 1/2 weeks, taking center stage when Mercury moves into your 3rd House on the 9th, just before he meets up with Uranus to deliver surprise news.  


Mercury Conjoins Uranus


That news could come in the days around the 13th when Mercury and Uranus connect in your 3rd House, delivering unexpected news, and triggering travel accidents or unplanned detours,


Venus enters Gemini, New Moon in Aries, Sun enters Taurus


Venus graces your romance and creativity sector for a three week long visit beginning early the 15th. If you’re the creative  type, this can be a fantastic time to be productive in the studio.  


Your neighborhood and surroundings seem to be changing before your eyes, dear Aquarius. You could get a new neighbor or see some other change to your immediate environment or commute near mid month. Or, news could come your way. Watch the 15th and the days around it.

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2018 Sidereal Solar Ingress Dates

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“At month’s end travel and romantic affairs are favored, as are creative endeavors and those which engage our higher natures.”

When the sun moves into Taurus for a four week stay at mid month, you’ll be grateful for the break and the opportunity to spend time in your private life.


Mercury trine Rx Saturn


You could have the chance to reconnect with old friends and siblings near the 18th, and you’d likely enjoy yourself if you do.


Mercury opposed Rx Jupiter


Travel difficulties could come up near the 23rd, when Mercury and Jupiter face off over your travel and communication houses.


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Venus opposed Rx Saturn


You and a romantic partner could have different ideas of fun near the 26th, when Venus and Saturn face off.


Mercury enters Taurus


When Mercury moves into Taurus on the 27th watch for home and family related news to arise, launching a three and 1/2 week trend.


Full Moon in Scorpio


Then on the 29th, the full moon spotlights your career sector as you take center stage. You could be recognized for your contributions in the days around May 29th.



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At month’s end travel and romantic affairs are favored, as are creative endeavors and those which engage our higher natures.

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