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MAY 2018

Cancer Sun
Cancer Rising

Early May could see you finishing up a home improvement project, or even settling into a new home. Or, your involvement with a parent on some matter may be winding down.

Alternatively, it may be that a parent is able to help you land an important position, or intercede on your behalf with a VIP employer or doctor.

Mars enters Capricorn


Your partnership sector is energized when Mars makes his entrance on the 4th of May, a visit he’ll take a whopping six months to complete. This is a time to revitalized your relationships and actively partner with your comrades-in-arms.  


Mercury square Pluto, Venus square Neptune, Sun opposed Rx Jupiter


The 7th is a challenging day, when travel hiccups could interfere with important meetings with a VIP at the office. Friends and finances don’t mix, either.


Mercury Enters Aries


Expect an increase in career related communication beginning May 9th when Mercury enters Aries for a three week tour. You could hear news that helps you advance your professional ambitions.

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Mercury Conjoins Uranus


Surprise news is possible on the 13th when Mercury and Uranus meet up in your career sector. You could get an offer completely out of the blue.


Venus enters Gemini, New Moon in Aries, Sun enters Taurus


Venus enters your privacy sector early on the 15th, marking a three and 1/2 week period where your time alone is valued at a premium. You may spend time beautifying your private sanctuary.


Watch for a career opportunity to come up within +/- 4 days of the new moon May 15th–this could be your best opportunity all year to make major professional progress. If you don’t see an opportunity, make your own by taking the initiative in the days just after the new moon.


The sun moves into your friendship sector for a four week stay. This a great time to both reconnect with valued compatriots and meet important new friends, so be sure to be out and about while the sun tours Taurus until mid June.

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2018 Sidereal Solar Ingress Dates

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“At month’s end you can finally take some time to yourself, relaxing in seclusion and hidden away from the world. Hang in there, dear Cancer, relief is coming your way.”

Mercury trine Rx Saturn


If you have unmet work related obligations, you’ll get an opportunity to finally meet them–and score some professional rep–near the 18th, when Mercury and Saturn make a friendly connection.


Mercury opposed Rx Jupiter


The demands of home compete with career news for your attention and energy near the 23rd, when Mercury is at odds with retrograde Jupiter.


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Venus opposed Rx Saturn


Either the demands of work or health restrictions are likely culprits for keeping you from enjoying some sweet quiet time to yourself, dear Cancer. If it’s work, be diligent and get done early so you can still squeeze in some coveted “me time”.


Mercury enters Taurus


Mercury moves into Taurus on the 27th, beginning a three and a half week long tour of your friendship sector. Expect to hear from old friends, receive invitations, and generally be more social in the next few weeks.



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Full Moon in Scorpio


If you’ve been seeing someone, you could decide to commit near the full moon at month’s end, and if you already have a romantic partner you could reach a relationship milestone in the days around May 29th. Single Cancer babies may be putting the finishing touches on a creative project at this time.


At month’s end you can finally take some time to yourself, relaxing in seclusion and hidden away from the world. Hang in there, dear Cancer, relief is coming your way.

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