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Aquarius Sun
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Communication, travel, partnership, business, obligations, and responsibilities all may be in a state of transition in the early days of November, dear Aquarius, as three planets make sign changes in the lead up to the November 4th full moon in Aries.

First to make a sign change is Mercury, ruler of your solar 5th and 8th Houses, moving into sidereal Scorpio on the 2nd, and bringing news to your social sector as he does so.


Then on the 3rd, Venus moves into her home sign of Libra, joining the sun and Jupiter for a three and 1/2 week stay in your 9th House of international affairs. Any legal or educational matters, long distance travel or publishing and broadcasting projects will benefit from her visit here.


If you need to make a legal argument or a presentation to an international or academic audience this is a good time to do so, especially if you’re using a television, video or film medium, as the sun reaches out to Neptune in your 1st House of image and appearance on this day. An older professional mentor could be helpful, too.


Saturn is next, making his return trip to Sagittarius on the 4th, ready to resume his tour through your 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dream for a more than two year long stay. 


He’s here to test you and your commitment to social causes that are important to you, and you likely won’t have much time for social activity with friends in the coming years. You do have an opportunity to demonstrate your maturity and willingness to make a difference through volunteering with humanitarian issues that move your heart.


You’re likely to make long lasting connections to others through your involvement with an organization, and while you may not become social friends with the people you meet, you’ll forge lasting bonds with people you can respect based on your shared values, a truly priceless experience.  


Saturn may have given you a clue as to the theme of his stay here when he first entered Sagittarius back in late January of this year. Think back to that time and see if you recall whether he had any messages for you.  


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The full moon in Aries November 4th lights up your 3rd House of travel and communication, bringing a conversation to a close or allowing you to finally spend more time at home and less time traveling than you may have had in the last 6th months.


Alternatively, if you’ve been working closely with a sibling or neighbor on a project together, you can wrap things up within the 10 days following this full moon.


Uranus could deliver a surprise with this full moon as he forms an opposition with Venus the very same day. With Venus and Jupiter in Libra working in your favor, even an unpleasant surprise is likely to work out in the end.


On the 9th, an VIP in your social sector could be influential in assisting you with a 9th House matter. This could be related to publishing and broadcasting, legal or academic matters, or even foreign travel or an immigration issue.


On November 11th Saturn makes his final trine to Uranus in a series of three the beginning of which stretches back to December of last year, allowing you to make the last of permanent, beneficial changes to how you approach social issues within your local community. You may finally be able to create some long term improvements within your neighborhood or have a lasting impact in your work with a nonprofit at this time.


Check your natal chart to see if you have a planet or personal point at 1° or 2° degrees of a fire sign, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, to find out if you are personally affected by this transit.


Venus and Jupiter, the the benefics, conjoin in your 9th House of international affairs on the 13th, bringing a gift of luck to your endeavors here. Make a presentation, give an interview, launch a book–do something significant on this day, and you’ll reap the benefit.


Beware of the risk of distrust or suspicion in your career sector sewn by a simple misunderstanding, as it’s easy to read too much into the words of others while Mercury is out of bounds. He’s facing off with Neptune today, compounding matters. Don’t e afraid to ask fro clarification if you need it. Likewise, if someone you have contact with professionally approaches you with distrust or doesn’t quite understand your motives, be willing to take steps to work out any misunderstandings.


Make a Donation

“You’re likely to make long lasting connections to others through your involvement with an organization, and while you may not become social friends with the people you meet, you’ll forge lasting bonds with people you can respect based on your shared values, a truly priceless experience.”

Mercury enters the shadow of his December 3rd retrograde on the 14th, making the coming three weeks an excellent time to make a plan for putting the retrograde to use, while Mercury is slowing down.


He’ll be retracing his steps through Sagittarius and Scorpio this time, and any Mercury ruled work you do between now and December 3rd may come up for revision during his retrograde. This includes mental activities like analysis and research, writing, travel related activities, communication, sales, and commerce.


Prepare now, and you’ll have a much easier time navigating the retrograde when it comes. You can download a free excerpt from my ebook, The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, for all the guidance you need to help you get safely–and sanely–through any Mercury retrograde cycle. I give the most important details away for free.


You’ll want to get all of your most important holiday shopping done before this date, especially if you have big ticket items, electronics, or anything with moving parts on your list. If you can’t, the best strategy is to give gift cards. That way your loved ones can do their own shopping after the Christmas holiday, when the retrograde will be over. The January clearance sales in the second half of the month would be the prime time to go.


The sun moves into sidereal Scorpio on the 16th, beginning a four week long period when it’s your turn to shine professionally. Venus and Neptune hit it off this day, too, giving you added allure and a dreamy air which others can’t help but respond to.


You could receive news o f a bonus or commission opportunity the next day, when Mercury in your career sector reaches out a friendly hand to Mars in your 8th House of other people’s money.

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The new moon in Scorpio November 18th activates your 10th House of career, recognition, achievement and awards and could initiate a challenging career dynamic which plays out over the coming six months.


This is a difficult new moon, with Scorpio’s co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, squaring off and setting up the perfect circumstances for a power struggle. Conflict and aggression, and battles for control and influence will be hallmarks of any professional endeavor begun at this time, so if you’ve been thinking about making a career move, it may be better to hold off, as things likely won’t work out favorably under this new moon. We always look to the condition of the ruler to determine the final outcome of a new moon, and this new moon has both its rulers arm wrestling for control.


Instead, look to your natal chart (if you have a Aquarius sun, not Aquarius rising) for the sign occupying your 10th House to see if you have an alternative new moon career opportunity coming up in the next few months as we move through the late fall and winter signs, with new moons occurring in Sagittarius, Capricorn, your own sign of Aquarius or even Pisces.


If you need the help of a VIP or someone influential in your social sector, hold off until the 21st. This will give any immediate tension time to cool down and you’ll get a better reception.


Neptune stations direct in your own sign of Aquarius on the 22nd, after spending the last five months retrograde. You may have found it challenging to make financial progress in that time, but things will get easier in the coming weeks.


Hidden information, secrets or deceptions can come to light when Neptune stations, a possibility if you have a planet or personal point at 16° or 17° degrees Aquarius. Check your natal chart to see if you will be directly affected, and if so, watch for what comes to light to help you chart a clearer financial path.


Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 25th, bringing surprise good news from Uranus in your 3rd House of travel and communication as he does so. You could hear from a neighbor or sibling quite out of the blue near this date.


Mercury will only stay in Sagittarius for two weeks this time around, as he slows down in preparation for his upcoming retrograde.


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Retrograde motion will bring Mercury back to Scorpio for nearly four weeks beginning in December, before he makes his return visit to Sagittarius after the new year.


Venus begins her three and 1/2 week stay in Scorpio on the 27th, bringing a temporary peace and cooperative air to your career sector while shes here. If you have any professional negotiations to conduct or deals to broker, do it now, while you have Venus’ help.


Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 28th, the first in a series of three conjunctions between now and early 2018. While Saturn and Mercury typically only meet up once a year, Mercury’s retrograde will have him checking in with the taskmaster planet while first direct, then retrograde, and finally direct once again.


Pay attention to what comes up on the 28th, as you may find yourself having to revisit the subject until it’s been refined and polished to Saturn’s satisfaction.


You may need to do sustained mental work on this day, such as writing, analysis or other Mercury-ruled activities.

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