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Communication, travel, partnership, business, obligations, and responsibilities all may be in a state of transition in the early days of November, dear Cancer, as three planets make sign changes in the lead up to the November 4th full moon in Aries.

First to make a sign change is Mercury, ruler of your solar 3rd and 12th Houses, moving into sidereal Scorpio on the 2nd, bringing news and conversation to your 5th House of creativity, romance, and children. You could hear from a child or romantic partner if you have one, or hear news regarding a creative endeavor you’ve been working on.


On the 3rd Venus enters sidereal Libra and your solar 4th House of home, family, and property. You could impulsively decide to beautify your living space or make cosmetic improvements to your home during the coming three and 1/2 weeks.


Alternatively, your relationship with a parent or parents may unexpectedly take on a more harmonious tone and a cooperative spirit during this time.


Then on the 4th, Saturn finally returns to Sagittarius to resume his more than two year long tour of your 6th House of work, health, pets, and daily routines.


Saturn is the taskmaster planet, and he’ll be here to teach you about self discipline and commitment in work or health related matters in the coming two years, before he leaves at the end of January 2020.


You could find yourself putting in long hours at work for little reward, and that’s because one of Saturn’s lesson is delayed gratification. He wants us to earn our rewards and recognition, which doesn’t come until after we’ve achieved our goals. You may find yourself spending long hours building new structure upon which your work will be based for the long term future.


If this manifests in your work life, you may find you have little time for established daily routines, and health habits may fall by the wayside. You’ll have to be diligent if you want to maintain them under this influence.


Alternatively, you may experience this transit in your health sector, and Saturn may challenge to to demonstrate how important long term good health is to you by asking you to show your commitment to good health practices. This could involve restricting certain foods from your diet or limiting your intake of certain foods or macronutrients.


The 6th House also rules pets and employees, you it’s possible you will be tested on one of these areas instead. It’s not likely you would facing Saturn’s lessons in all of these areas at once, but know that if you don’t willingly work with Saturn while he’s here, the coming two years will only be that much harder in one of these areas of life.


If you buckle down and be a good little trooper, Saturn will see to it that you’re rewarded for your efforts before he leaves for good.


Think back to late January, when Saturn first entered Sagittarius. Something may have come up at that time which could offer a clue as to what lesson Saturn has in store for you.

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The full moon in Aries happens the same day Saturn changes signs, illuminating your solar 10th House of Career, fame, recognition and achievement. Watch for a career related matter or professional project to come to a conclusion within +/- 4 days of the full moon November 4th.


You could be recognized for your professional contributions at this time, or achieve a career milestone you’ve been working toward. Likewise, if you’ve been working on a professional project you can use the 10 days following this full moon to wrap up any loose ends and finalize the details.


A VIP at work could be influential on a home or property related matter on the 9th. If someone you respect at the office makes a recommendation on a contractor or other real estate professional, a new acquisition for your home such as art or a beautiful new piece of furniture, or has a suggestion involving a parent or parents, take heed–it’s to your benefit.


Last December, on Christmas Eve, Saturn and Uranus began a series of three trines which is finally reaching its natural conclusion when the third and final trine reaches exact on November 11th. The first time these two planets connected it affected late-born Pisces and those with planets at 25° or 26° of the water signs, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.


The second and third events in the series, coming last May 18th and now, in November, affect early born Aries and those with planets (or personal points) at 1° and 2° of fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


When these two planets connect in such an helpful fashion, long term structural change becomes easier to implement without the disruption such change would normally bring about. Long standing traditions can be updated to serve the needs of the future in a lasting way. Inventiveness can bring about permanent, revolutionary change to great benefit.


Check your natal chart to see if you will be directly affected by this Saturn-Uranus trine, and if so, it’s likely that events that happened near May 18th of this year turn out to be directly related to changes in your creative work or your romantic or professional life which you experience now.

“You could impulsively decide to beautify your living space or make cosmetic improvements to your home during the coming three and 1/2 weeks.”

Jupiter and Venus, the greater and lesser benefics, meet up in your 4th House of home, family and real estate on November 13th, a day when you could receive a beautiful and valuable gift for your home–possibly something imported–or a gift of money from a parent.


Likewise, if you’ve been looking to upgrade your living arrangements through a home improvement project or real estate purchase, you could hear good news from a lender about the financing on this day.


If the latter, be sure to read through all the terms and fine print carefully or review any documents with an attorney (if you receive a financial gift from your parents, talk to a tax advisor instead) and make sure you understand everything you’re being asked to agree to. There is a possibility for confusion or misunderstanding at this time, and you don’t want to find out after everything is said and done and it’s too late to make changes to the terms.


While it’s not certain anyone would intentionally try to mislead you, there is a tendency to overreact when Mercury is out of bounds–and he will be for several weeks. Don’t read hidden meanings into words where they don’t exist, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification (in writing if you need to).


Mercury enters the shadow of his December 3rd retrograde on the 14th, making the coming three weeks an excellent time to make a plan for putting the retrograde to use, while Mercury is slowing down.


He’ll be retracing his steps through Sagittarius and Scorpio this time, and any Mercury ruled work you do between now and December 3rd may come up for revision during his retrograde. This includes mental activities like analysis and research, writing, travel related activities, communication, sales, and commerce.


Prepare now, and you’ll have a much easier time navigating the retrograde when it comes. You can download a free excerpt from my ebook, The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, for all the guidance you need to help you get safely–and sanely–through any Mercury retrograde cycle. I give the most important details away for free.


You’ll want to get all of your most important holiday shopping done before this date, especially if you have big ticket items, electronics, or anything with moving parts on your list. If you can’t, the best strategy is to give gift cards. That way your loved ones can do their own shopping after the Christmas holiday, when the retrograde will be over. The January clearance sales in the second half of the month would be the prime time to go.

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This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

On the 16th, the sun enters sidereal Scorpio for his annual four week tour of your 5th House of romance, creativity, and children. This is a time when your identity is defined by your creativity, by your role romantic partner, or as a parent if you have children. You could find yourself playing the artist or crafter, stage parent, or doting lover, for instance.


Near the 16th you could find yourself hosting a foreign guest in your home, or at least someone from far away. It’s also possible you find inspiration for a decor style or interior design ideas from another culture as Venus in your home and family sector sends a lovely beam to Neptune in your 9th House of international affairs.


You may also be busy traveling within your community or somewhere nearby at this time, whether you’re shuttling a child around to extra-curricular activities, traveling for an art show, creative writer’s workshop, or performance of some kind, or even getting away with a romantic partner for a long weekend, as a few examples.


The new moon in sidereal Scorpio November 18th highlights your 5th House of creativity, children, and romance, opening a path for you to begin an exciting new creative endeavor. This could be an artistic project of some kind, or, if you’ve been wanting to start a family or add to yours, this is the best new moon of the year for you to try to conceive.


Alternatively, if you’d like to begin a new hobby, use this new moon to explore your options and see where the journey takes you.


This is a somewhat difficult new moon, as both of Scorpio’s co-rulers square off over a power struggle, with Mars challenging from your 3rd House of travel, writing and communication and Pluto dominating your 6th House of work, health, and daily routines.


The 3rd House also governs siblings and neighbors, so you may find upheaval and transformation in your daily life is causing conflict with neighbors or siblings closer to home, or throwing your transportation situation into new territory. Alternatively, you may need to be careful of sparking the ire of a VIP at work during this new moon.


Remember that Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, is out of bounds, potentially causing trouble by insisting on playing by his own rules. Do your best to not overreact to aggressive or angry words, and try not to obsess over a story you may be telling about your own life. You can always choose to tell a different story and in doing so, change your experience.  


If you have to approach a VIP or other influential authority at work about your situation, hold off until the 21st, when they may be more receptive to your plight.


On the 22nd, Neptune stations direct after his five month long retrograde, so if long distance travel plans, legal affairs, academic matters or a publishing or broadcasting venture have stalled during this time, you can expect to finally see progress over the coming weeks.


It possible a secret or deception could come to light or hidden information could be revealed near this date, if you have a planet or personal point at 16° or 17° degrees of Aquarius. Check your natal chart to see if you will be affected.


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Mercury joins Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius for a two week stay on the 25th, sending friendly beam to Uranus in your 10th House of career matters as he does so. You could be the surprise beneficiary of good news at the office on this day, to the benefit of your professional reputation.


Retrograde motion will bring Mercury back to Scorpio for nearly four weeks in early December, before he makes his return visit to Sagittarius after the new year.


Then on the 27th, Venus changes signs, moving into your love and romance sector for a three and 1/2 week visit. Enjoy your time with a romantic partner, or spend some time on creative projects while she’s here.


Finally, Mercury conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius on the 28th, helping sustain your concentration at work. You may find yourself working hard on heavily analytical tasks near this day, and Saturn will give you the mental discipline to stay on task.  


Pay attention to what comes up on the 28th, as you may find yourself having to revisit the subject until it’s been refined and polished to Saturn’s satisfaction.


Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 28th, the first in a series of three conjunctions between now and early 2018. While Saturn and Mercury typically only meet up once a year, Mercury’s retrograde will have him checking in with the taskmaster planet while first direct, then retrograde, and finally direct once again.

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