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Sagittarius Sun
Saggitarius Rising

Communication, travel, partnership, business, obligations, and responsibilities all may be in a state of transition in the early days of November, dear Sagittarius, as three planets make sign changes in the lead up to the November 4th full moon in fellow fire sign Aries.

First to make a sign change is Mercury, ruler of your solar 7th and 10th Houses, moving into sidereal Scorpio for a three week stay. He’ll bring news in private near the 2nd.


Then on the 3rd Venus moves into Libra for a three and 1/2 week stay in your 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dreams. She’ll bring you good luck while she’s here.


Watch near the full moon for a surprise announcement from a lover or child. You could be coming to the end of one stage of a love relationship in preparation for beginning the next. Or. If you have a child, they be reaching the end of a stage of development.


Alternatively, if you’ve been working on a creative project, you can use the 10 days following this full moon to complete the finishing touches.


Saturn moves into Sagittarius the same day as the full moon, November 4th, beginning a more than two year long stay in your solar 1st House of image, appearance, and the physical body.


Be prepared to be expected to work hard in the coming two years, as Saturn challenges you to physically demanding lessons. You’ll need to take extra care of your body during this time, and you may frequently feel drained or tired as a result of the work you’re doing.


It’s also possible you could spend quite a bit of time going it solo in the coming two years, as another way a 1st House Saturn transit could manifest. Saturn may ask you to demonstrate your independence and self reliance during this time.


Think back to late last January when Saturn made his first foray into Sagittarius. He may have given you a clue as to the nature of his lesson even back then.

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You’ll practically exude authority near the 9th, a powerful day for you to be out and about socially.


On November 11th Saturn makes his final trine to Uranus in a series of three, the beginning of which stretches back to December of last year, and which allows you to make the last of permanent, beneficial changes to your approach to love relationships, or to the way you relate to a child in your life.


This series of trines affected readers with the sun or ascendant in a water or fire sign. The water signs have already felt the effects of this transit, as their turn came last December, but fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius first felt this in late May of this year when Saturn was retrograde, and will feel the final changes brought about by this aspect now, in November. The effects will be felt from November 3rd through the 18th, but they will be strongest on the 11th.


This is an aspect which can set the stage for you to safely experiment with new ways of doing the same old necessary things with successful results. You can introduce inventive new processes and exercise your genius without worrying so much about upsetting the apple cart.


Longstanding traditions may be thrown out the window in favor of new ideas with the power to establish more innovative traditions which serve you far better in the long term.


You could experience a sudden revolution affecting the underlying structure upon which everything you think you know about yourself, your identity and your own creative self expression or on which your relationship with a lover or child is built, and which permanently changes how you understand it. Whatever happens is likely to happen unexpectedly, like a eureka moment, and bring lasting, positive change.


Check your natal chart to see if you have a planet or personal point at 1° or 2° degrees of a fire sign, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, to find out if you are personally affected by this transit.


If so, it’s possible Saturn’s lesson for you in the coming 2+ years relates to how you adjust to and implement your new found insights.

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“You’ll need to take extra care of your body during this time, and you may frequently feel drained or tired as a result of the work you’re doing.”

The 13th is a lucky day in your social sector, when being out and about could help you realize your dreams.


A sibling or neighbor could have harsh words for you in private, though, as Mercury is still out of bounds until early December. Do your best to keep your cool.  


Mercury enters the shadow of his December 3rd retrograde on the 14th, making the coming three weeks an excellent time to make a plan for putting the retrograde to use, while Mercury is slowing down.


He’ll be retracing his steps through Sagittarius and Scorpio this time, and any Mercury ruled work you do between now and December 3rd may come up for revision during his retrograde. This includes mental activities like analysis and research, writing, travel related activities, communication, sales, and commerce.


Prepare now, and you’ll have a much easier time navigating the retrograde when it comes. You can download a free excerpt from my ebook, The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, for all the guidance you need to help you get safely–and sanely–through any Mercury retrograde cycle. I give the most important details away for free.


You’ll want to get all of your most important holiday shopping done before this date, especially if you have big ticket items, electronics, or anything with moving parts on your list. If you can’t, the best strategy is to give gift cards. That way your loved ones can do their own shopping after the Christmas holiday, when the retrograde will be over. The January clearance sales in the second half of the month would be the prime time to go.

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The sun moves in to Scorpio for a four week tour of your 12th House of privacy and seclusion November 16th. You’ll find yourself quietly working away on hush-hush or solo projects in the coming weeks.


You could find a friend or social contact is an inspiring influence on a writing project near the 16th, so be sure to keep a notebook handy to jot down your ideas.


Be prepared to spend some time away from all the activity so you can write. The 17th is an outstanding day to be productive in private.


The new moon lights up your solar 12th House of privacy, seclusion, secrets and the unconscious mind November 18th, highlighting an opportunity to begin a project you’ll work on largely out of sight, perhaps independently.  


This will be a challenging new moon, so consider delaying beginning your project until the 21st, when a VIP or other person of influence will be more receptive.


Scorpio’s co-rulers, Pluto and Mars, square off in a test of wills at this new moon, coloring the outcome and triggering the potential for power struggles at this time. You could find yourself at the center of them, dear Sagittarius.


Hidden information, secrets, or deceptions can come to light when Neptune stations direct on the 22nd, a possibility if you have a planet or personal point at 16° or 17° degrees Aquarius. Check your natal chart to see if you will be directly affected.


Mercury will enter Sagittarius on the 25th for a short two week visit as he prepares to retrograde for the final time this year. He’ll head back to Scorpio for a longer stay in December.


Watch for news to arrive out of the blue near this date which affects you directly.


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On the 27th Venus makes her move into sidereal Scorpio and your 12th House of privacy and seclusion, giving you the opportunity to enjoy some meaningful, intimate time in your partnerships as we move further into the holiday season.


And finally, Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 28th, a day when you could be asked to teach on a topic which you’re known for. This is a prime opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.


Pay attention to what comes up on the 28th, as you may find yourself having to revisit the subject until it’s been refined and polished to Saturn’s satisfaction.


Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 28th, the first in a series of three conjunctions between now and early 2018. While Saturn and Mercury typically only meet up once a year, Mercury’s retrograde will have him checking in with the taskmaster planet while first direct, then retrograde, and finally direct once again.

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