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Communication, travel, partnership, business, obligations, and responsibilities all may be in a state of transition in the early days of November, dear Taurus, as three planets make sign changes in the lead up to the November 4th full moon in Aries.

First to make a sign change is Mercury, ruler of your solar 2nd and 5th Houses, moving into your opposite sign of Scorpio on the 2nd, bringing relationship communication and business transactions to the forefront for the coming three weeks.


Then on the 3rd, Venus shifts gears, moving into her home sign of sidereal Libra for a three and 1/2 week stay. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your value in the work place, especially if you cultivate an attitude of cooperation and partnership.


Venus extends a friendly hand to Saturn–still in your 7th House of partnership–the same day. Watch for an unexpected partnership opportunity to arise, possibly through the assistance of an older person or mentor. 


It’s Saturn’s turn to change signs on the 4th, finally returning to sidereal Sagittarius to resume his tour of your 8th House of other people’s resources. If you’ve been relying on the financial help of others for some time, expect that assistance to become a little more scarce between now and January 2020.


Saturn is here to teach you about self reliance and financial discipline for the coming 27 months, and you will need to heed his teachings to make any progress at all. If you demonstrate the responsibility he expects you to, you’ll be in a better position to achieve financial independence by the time he leaves.


Saturn is the taskmaster planet, so his lessons won’t be fun and games, and if you resist learning them the experience will be all the more difficult. Saturn demands we grow up, demonstrate maturity, and meet our commitments.


You may also find that a partner’s income is reduced or restricted during this transit, and you may be called on to step in and fill the financial gap.

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Venus opposes Uranus the same day, and the full moon in Aries lights your 12th House of privacy and seclusion, also on November 4th. You could have unexpected activity behind the scenes which impacts your work or health in some way, or you may find yourself juggling a joint project at work while you’re also wrangling surprises privately.


The full moon brings a highly personal matter to conclusion within +/- 4 days of the 4th. If you’ve been working on a project in private, largely out of the public eye, you may be putting the finishing touches on it at this time.


You can use this full moon to let go of any patterns of negative thought or limiting beliefs which might be holding you back. Spend some time in private contemplation and see if you can identify any unconscious beliefs or patterns which you may have learned in childhood or through other people which aren’t serving you any longer, and choose to release them at this time.


An influential foreigner, academic or religious official, legal authority or a VIP in a publishing or broadcasting related field could be of assistance with the work you do near the 8th.


On November 11th Saturn makes his final trine to Uranus in a series of three the beginning of which stretches back to December of last year, allowing you to make the last of permanent, beneficial changes in your 9th House of international affairs and legal matters. Check your natal chart to see if you have a planet or personal point at 1° or 2° degrees of a fire sign, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, to find out if you are personally affected.

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“If you’ve been working on a project in private, largely out of the public eye, you may be putting the finishing touches on it at this time.”

The greater and lesser benefics, Jupiter and Venus, join forces in your workaday sector on the 13th, teaming up to bring you lots of good fortune at work and sending a lovely beam to Neptune in your 10th House of career and achievement while they’re at it. Good things may soon follow, watch the 16th for clues.


Mercury, currently in your partnership sector, squares off with Neptune the same day, giving you reason enough to be cautious. Intentionally or unintentionally, a partner, possibly someone you work with, could be a source of misunderstanding, confusion, or deception about your professional contributions. Luckily you have Jupiter and Venus working together to protect you from any negative consequences. Just keep demonstrating your value and the truth will out.


Remember that Mercury is out of bounds for several weeks, so be careful not to cause tension simply by reading into a partner’s words meaning which wasn’t there originally. That could lead to an overreaction on your part.


Mercury enters the shadow of his December 3rd retrograde on the 14th, making the coming three weeks an excellent time to make a plan for putting the retrograde to use, while Mercury is slowing down.


He’ll be retracing his steps through Sagittarius and Scorpio this time, and any Mercury ruled work you do between now and December 3rd may come up for revision during his retrograde. This includes mental activities like analysis and research, writing, travel related activities, communication, sales, and commerce.


Prepare now, and you’ll have a much easier time navigating the retrograde when it comes. You can download a free excerpt from my ebook, The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, for all the guidance you need to help you get safely–and sanely–through any Mercury retrograde cycle. I give the most important details away for free.

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This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

The sun enters Scorpio on the 16th for his annual four week tour of your 7th House of partnership. You’ll find your role as partner to be more pronounced at this time, and that could mean a greater need for cooperation and taking on a supportive role.


A romantic partner or child has good news for you near the 17th. Alternatively, you could be working on a creative project and receive glad news related to it.


The new moon November 18th activates your 7th House of partnership, bringing with it challenges of it’s own. This is a more difficult new moon, with Pluto, its ruler, squaring off with argumentative Mars. Conflict and competition are hallmarks of this new moon and any project begun with it.


Any partnership begun at this time is likely to be colored with power struggles and competition for control and influence. If you’re faced with a partnership opportunity or other potential long term commitment such as marriage, this wouldn’t be the best time to begin. Consider delaying.


Keep in mind you can always use the new moon opportunities for both your sun and rising sign, so if your sun sign is Taurus and Scorpio is your solar 7th House, look to see if you have a new moon coming up in your natal 7th House which you could use as an alternate date.


Likewise, if your rising sign is Taurus and Scorpio falls in your natal 7th House, count seven signs from your sun sign to find your solar 7th House. If there is a new moon coming up in that sign, see if you can’t postpone starting your partnership or joint venture until then.


A VIP could be influential in work related matters near the 21st.


On the 22nd, Neptune stations direct after five long months retrograde. If you have a planet or personal point at 16° or 17° Aquarius, watch for a secret to come out, a deception to be exposed, or other hidden information to come to light near this day.


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Surprise news from your partnership sector is possible near the 25th, as Mercury sends a helpful missive to Uranus in your 12th House, just before he makes his move into Sagittarius and your solar 8th House of other people’s money for a two week long visit


Retrograde motion will bring Mercury back to Scorpio for nearly four weeks in early December, before he makes his return visit to Sagittarius after the new year.


Venus joins the sun in Scorpio on the 27th for a three and 1/2 week tour of your partnership sector, encouraging cooperation and fairness between you and a partner while she’s here.


Finally, on the 28th Mercury conjoins Saturn in your 8th House, bringing news related to a financial obligation. Remember that Saturn is here to teach you some life long lessons over the coming two years.


Pay attention to what comes up on the 28th, as you may find yourself having to revisit the subject until it’s been refined and polished to Saturn’s satisfaction.


Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 28th, the first in a series of three conjunctions between now and early 2018. While Saturn and Mercury typically only meet up once a year, Mercury’s retrograde will have him checking in with the taskmaster planet while first direct, then retrograde, and finally direct once again.

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