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Communication, travel, partnership, business, obligations, and responsibilities all may be in a state of transition in the early days of November, dear Virgo, as three planets make sign changes in the lead up to the November 4th full moon in Aries.

First to make a sign change is Mercury, ruler of your solar 1st and 10th Houses, moving into sidereal Scorpio on the 2nd, bringing announcements from your 3rd House of travel and communication.


You may be making travel plans or exchanging holiday wishes with neighbors or loved ones in the coming three weeks.


Venus moves into sidereal Libra the next day, November 3rd, joining Jupiter for a 3 and 1/2 week stay in your 2nd House of income and expenses. You could receive a lovely or valuable gift during the month of November quite unexpectedly.


Saturn finally makes his way back in to Sagittarius for a more than two year long visit in your 4th House of home, family and property. He has challenges for you while he’s here, testing your sense of commitment to family and your willingness to take on the responsibility of your own home.


You may find yourself unsettled and frequently with no real home of your own, delaying gratification as you work toward your long term home ownership or real estate goals.


Saturn will ask you to work for what you want while he tours this part of your chart, teaching you the value of perseverance and dedication in going after what you want.


The 4th House also rules the parents, so it’s possible you may be asked to step in and care for a parent or uphold a familial commitment or obligation of some kind in the coming years. You may even be relied on to be responsible for your family during this time.

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The full moon in Aries lights your 8th House of other people’s money, possibly bringing a debt or other financial obligation due within +/- dour days of November 4th. If you’ve been trying for a loan, dealing with an insurance claim or inheritance, you may finally see the funds near this full moon.


Alternatively, you could receive a bonus or commission near this date if you earn income in that way.


The 8th House also rules psychology and investigations, so you could have a personal breakthrough or even conclude a research project, audit or investigation of some sort under this full moon.


A VIP on the home front could be a helpful ally come the 9th  of November.


On November 11th Saturn makes his final trine to Uranus in a series of three the beginning of which stretches back to December of last year, allowing you to make the last of permanent, beneficial changes to your financial situation and living arrangements. You may finally be able to create some long term financial stability for yourself at this time.


Check your natal chart to see if you have a planet or personal point at 1° or 2° degrees of a fire sign, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, to find out if you are personally affected by this transit.

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“Venus and Jupiter, the lesser and greater benefics, conjoin in Libra in your 2nd House of earned income on thee 13th, triggering the first of three lucky days in your financial sector this month, dear Virgo.”

Venus and Jupiter, the lesser and greater benefics, conjoin in Libra in your 2nd House of earned income on thee 13th, triggering the first of three lucky days in your financial sector this month, dear Virgo.


Be aware that the risk of confusion or miscommunication at work could have an affect on your travel plans near the 13th, too. Remember that Mercury just went out of bounds and will remain so for the next several weeks, resulting in a greater risk of reading unintentional meaning into the words of others, and then overreacting to that.


Be careful of fixating too heavily on the narrative right now, and continuing through the first week of December.


Mercury enters the shadow of his December 3rd retrograde on the 14th, making the coming three weeks an excellent time to make a plan for putting the retrograde to use, while Mercury is slowing down.


He’ll be retracing his steps through Sagittarius and Scorpio this time, and any Mercury ruled work you do between now and December 3rd may come up for revision during his retrograde. This includes mental activities like analysis and research, writing, travel related activities, communication, sales, and commerce.


Prepare now, and you’ll have a much easier time navigating the retrograde when it comes. You can download a free excerpt from my ebook, The Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, for all the guidance you need to help you get safely–and sanely–through any Mercury retrograde cycle. I give the most important details away for free.


You’ll want to get all of your most important holiday shopping done before this date, especially if you have big ticket items, electronics, or anything with moving parts on your list. If you can’t, the best strategy is to give gift cards. That way your loved ones can do their own shopping after the Christmas holiday, when the retrograde will be over. The January clearance sales in the second half of the month would be the prime time to go.

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This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!

On the 16th a dream job could come up at work which turns into a valuable income earning opportunity.


The sun enters sidereal Scorpio the same day, marking the beginning of a four week long stay in your solar 3rd House of travel and communication. You could find yourself taking a trip nearby in the coming weeks, or communicating with others in your community more than normal during this time.


Then on the 17th listen for news you need to act on right away.


The new moon in Scorpio marks an opportunity to begin making plans for a trip you’ve been wanting to take, or even beginning a writing project you’ve been planning. This could be a challenging, time though, when you find yourself struggling for self expression under the authoritarian attitudes of a parent or the weight of a dark or destructive living situation.


Whatever you may be up against right now, this experience has the potential to be transformative, permanently changing your life completely in the coming six months.


With Pluto ruling this new moon and Mars, co-ruler, challenging him, this new moon could initiate a cycle of transformation, which, while potentially painful, offers the potential for a total rebirth in how you experience your immediate environment and in the ways you think and communicate. Know that this transformation will ultimately be beneficial for you.


The 21st has an intensity all its own, and your personal charisma is high that day, which could have a positive long term influence on your financial bottom line.


Neptune finally stations direct on the 22nd, after five long months retrograde in your 6th House of work and health. If you’ve been struggling to make progress at work over the last several months, you’ll find that begins to change for the better in the coming weeks.


Hidden information, secrets or deceptions can come to light when Neptune stations, a possibility if you have a planet or personal point at 16° or 17° degrees Aquarius. Check your natal chart to see if you will be directly affected.



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Mercury joins Saturn and Pluto in your 4th House of home and family on the 25th, just before he sends a sudden beam to Uranus in your 8th House of other people’s resources later the same day. You could get surprise news about the resources you need to address a home or property matter.


Retrograde motion will bring Mercury back to Scorpio for nearly four weeks in early December, before he makes his return visit to Sagittarius after the new year. You’ll find yourself revisiting travel and communication related matters or issues involving neighbors or siblings in the month of December.


On the 27th Venus moves into sidereal Scorpio for a 3 and 1/2 week stay in your 3rd House of travel and communication, offering her cooperative help while you revisit conversations with siblings or neighbors, or adding a touch of harmony to your surroundings if you use Mercury’s retrograde to rearrange your living space.


Finally, Mercury conjoins Saturn in your 4th House of home and  family on November 28th, marking a day when you could have a meaningful exchange about longstanding family traditions. If you make a promise to a family member or sign a lease agreement on this day, it will likely be in place for a long time.


Pay attention to what comes up on the 28th, as you may find yourself having to revisit the subject until it’s been refined and polished to Saturn’s satisfaction.


Mercury conjoins Saturn on the 28th, the first in a series of three conjunctions between now and early 2018. While Saturn and Mercury typically only meet up once a year, Mercury’s retrograde will have him checking in with the taskmaster planet while first direct, then retrograde, and finally direct once again.

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