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JULY 2018

Aquarius Sun
Aquarius Rising

You might find it a bit challenging to get much accomplished in July without requiring a fire lit under you, dear Aquarius. It might simply be far too easy to simply go with the flow–all well and good with some challenging activity going on this month, since forcing your way through would be a bad idea.


But, when it comes to creative activities, self expression, and tapping into your higher mind, it’s easy to get lost with your head in the clouds without actually taking active steps to translate your imaginings into the physical world. Beware the risk of daydreaming the month away.

Venus Enters Leo


Venus will tour your partnership sector for much of July, starting on the 5th. If you are in a committed long term relationship or business partnership, cooperation comes easier through the end of the month.


Mars Rx Out of Bounds, Sun Trine Neptune Rx


Thankfully for you, Venus’ moderating presence will be a boon during what could otherwise be an argument prone time, as Mars aggressive and argumentative tendencies are amplified once he goes out of bounds on the 7th of the month. While you won’t have Venus’ protection for the entire time, you’ll appreciate her influence during these first weeks of Mars’ impulsive and contrary behavior.


Artistic self expression is favored on the 8th, when the sun and Neptune dance. Painting, photography, film and theater are all creative avenues worth pursuing.


Alternatively, a love affair could take center stage at this time.

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Jupiter Stations Direct


Publishing and broadcasting ventures will pick up steam after Jupiter goes direct on the 10th, as could travel opportunities and immigration and legal matters. You can amass a great deal of knowledge and really expand your horizons in the coming months–this is a great time to learn a foreign language which could be put to use in your career.


Venus Trine Uranus


Venus reaches out a friendly hand to Uranus, your ruler, currently touring your travel and communication sector. Be spontaneous and do something fun together–if you have a partner, take a day trip somewhere nearby, maybe. Get out and enjoy yourselves.  

“An older mentor or more mature person you know socially could be a valuable partner.”

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Opposed Pluto Rx


Romance is in the air at the new moon solar eclipse mid June, so single Aquarians looking to meet someone new will want to be sure to be out and about in the weeks around this eclipse. While it’s wisest to hold off starting a new romantic involvement when Mars is retrograde, you can at least meet folks and take your time testing the waters until Mars resumes direct motion in late August.


If you’re already involved romantically, you can use this time to initiate a major creative project, or even to start a family.


Venus Trine Saturn Rx


If you are already involved and looking to commit, whether romantically or in business, a commitment made near the 14th is likely to be for the long term. An older mentor or more mature person you know socially could be a valuable partner.


Sun Enters Cancer


Workaday matters are in the spotlight once the sun moves into Cancer on the 17th, beginning a four week trend. Health matters may be highlighted now, as can dealings with employees, or pets if you have them.



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Venus Sextile Jupiter


Business travel or travel for pleasure–especially with a partner–is favored near the 22nd when Venus and Jupiter exchange greetings. Expanding your horizons will benefit you at this time.


Venus Opposed Neptune RX


You may have difficulty expressing yourself clearly near the 24th, and it could affect your dealings with a partner. They may not quite understand what you mean or where you’re coming.

Whatever you do, be honest under this influence, as any dissembling or deception on your part will backfire later once the truth comes out.


Sun Square Uranus


Unpleasant surprises are possible near the 25th, especially accidents while traveling or unexpected news related to your health or involving pets or employees. With your ruler, unpredictable Uranus, involved anything is possible and if something does come up, it’s likely to be totally unanticipated.



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Mercury Stations Retrograde


You could find yourself redoing work you thought you’d finished once Mercury stations retrograde on the 26th. Errors, omissions or corrections come up for attention when Mercury is retrograde, and for you this relates to your workaday tasks.


If you are dealing with health concerns which have you seeking a diagnosis, you’ll want to seek a second opinion once Mercury resumes direct motion, as there may be more which comes to light at that point in time.


Sun Opposed Mars Rx, Venus Trine Pluto Rx, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


If you’ve been working on a major solo project or other behind the scenes effort, the July 27th eclipse in Capricorn could bring things to a sudden conclusion, or trigger an epiphany which unexpectedly alters the final outcome late in the game.

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