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JULY 2018

Aries Sun
Aries Rising

This month, go back to a previous goal or structure armed with knowledge you’ve acquired since establishing it and create a new approach. With your ruler, Mars, retrograde, it’s not a good time to start anything new, so returning to irons you already have in the fire is a better strategy.

Venus Enters Leo


Venus will grace your 5th House of romance, creativity and true love beginning the 5th of July, and in fact this is a lovely day to head out with a romantic partner if you have one and enjoy a local restaurant or a road trip to somewhere fun nearby.


Venus will be here for the rest of the month, so even if you’re not romantically connected–or inclined–you can use this transit for creative pursuits.


Mars Rx Out of Bounds, Sun Trine Neptune Rx


Mars moves out of bounds on the 7th, a double-edged sword whose knife edge readers of all signs must carefully walk until late September. Your drive and ambition take on even greater intensity during this time, dear Aries, but so does your headstrong and competitive nature. It can feel like the volume is turned up on your aggressive tendencies, and self-centeredness is increased by this transit as well.  

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Jupiter Stations Direct


Partnerships and joint projects will see more progress once Jupiter stations direct on the 10th so if you’ve felt like forward motion has been all but impossible lately when it comes to collaborations, that’s about to change for the better.


Venus Trine Uranus


If you have a love interest or child in your life one of you could be in for a surprise when Venus and Uranus exchange greetings July 11th. Unexpected displays of affection and a pleasurable spontaneity color the day. Single Aries can tap into creative genius with surprising results.

“Religious. philosophical, or cultural traditions may be in need of a makeover if they no longer reflect your true heart-centered values.”

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Opposed Pluto Rx


The new moon solar eclipse July 12th could bring life changing news or travel experiences. Get together with friends, and bring your partner if you have one.


If you do decide to leave town be sure to have roadside coverage in place and stock your trunk with emergency supplies, just in case.


Alternatively, you could find yourself inclined to challenge a foreign influence or reject the authority of a religious or thought leader or other person of influence from the legal, immigration, broadcasting or academic fields.


With this new moon solar eclipse opposing Pluto, expect any change that does comes to be utterly–and irrevocably–transformative. The outcome of this change–or of any endeavor begun with this new moon–is likely to have shifting and unpredictable aftereffects, altering both attitudes and feelings around home, family, culture, and belonging.


Adaptability will be essential to avoiding Pluto’s destructive influence at this eclipse: what doesn’t change, dies.


Venus Trine Saturn Rx


Religious. philosophical, or cultural traditions may be in need of a makeover if they no longer reflect your true heart-centered values, and just days after the eclipse the urge may arise to remake them in a way that genuinely reflects what is truly important to you.


Sun Enters Cancer


The sun makes his annual entrance into your solar 4th House on the 17th, putting home and family in the spotlight until mid-August. You may find yourself busier around the house, tending to parents or family matters during that time.


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Venus Sextile Jupiter


For attached Aries, July 22nd could be a particularly romantic time to spend with a partner, reigniting love between you. If you and a lover have not yet committed to one another you may decide to take that leap. Single Aries can benefit from teaming up with a partner on a creative project.


Venus Opposed Neptune RX


Retrograde Neptune could expose secrets and deceptions when he opposes Venus on the 24th. If you find yourself wrangling with friends, lovers, or children in your life, honesty is the best policy right now, no matter how strong the urge to avoid becomes.


Sun Square Uranus


The 25th brings the risk of accidents around the home especially  to the head, so be sure to take adequate precautions to prevent unnecessary injury.


Mercury Stations Retrograde


On the 26th Mercury begins his retrograde in your home and family sector, an opportunity to reconcile with an estranged parent or to take care of seasonal chores around the home. You can clear out the garage, closets, basement, and attic of unneeded or unwanted belongings and hold a yard or rummage sale. Or, conduct your annual or semi-annual interior and exterior visual inspection and tend to any necessary maintenance, service, repairs, or replacements.


This is also a good time to rearrange your furniture or rooms if you want to give your living space a fresh new look and feel.



astrologer & artist

Sun Opposed Mars Rx, Venus Trine Pluto Rx, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


A major professional project may be coming to a culmination near the late July full moon lunar eclipse. Home businesses and real estate are favored at this time, and opportunities may arise in those arenas.


Eclipses bring permanent change with them, and the July 27th eclipse is no exception. The main difference with this eclipse is that the changes may be sudden or unexpected, and they may be structural in nature. Alternatively, traditions may be upended and replaced with new and novel approaches more easily at this time.


For you, dear Aries, the changes are most likely to affect your career and professional life, though you may feel changes in your home and family life to a lesser degree as well.

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