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Gemini Sun
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Your ruler, Mercury, stations retrograde during November–a slowdown you’ll feel personally, dear Gemini. In fact, you’ve likely already begun to feel the effects as Mercury slid into the shadow of his retrograde just as he entered Scorpio late last month.


Dial back your expectations for the month and enjoy a slower pace to life–spend time with friends and family, travel, or just relax at home.

Mercury out of bounds


Remember Mercury will be out of bounds much of the month, which could leave you prone to overreacting to misunderstood words or obsessing over stories. If you’re going to get attached to a narrative, make sure it’s one with a happy ending–or at least one with a positive message or lesson for the audience.


This influence lasts until Mercury returns north above the Tropic of Capricorn, November 20th.


Sun trine Neptune Rx


Spend time reflecting fondly on a place you enjoyed traveling to on the 6th. There’s a chance this is someplace near water or a location with spiritual or metaphysical significance.


Or, you can use this transit to reach a distant audience with a message or lesson, especially one rooted in your professional expertise.


You may be in a creative period, and if so, November 6th brings  an opportunity to tap into your unconscious mind and bring a dreamworld to life through art.

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Mars enters Aquarius, New Moon in Libra


Mars moves into your international sector on the 7th of November, bringing opportunities for distant travel and finding an audience.


Publishing, broadcasting, or publicity events such as interviews could be on the agenda between now and the latter half of December. Or, you could be busy with a legal or immigration matter, or active within academia.


Mars’ stay in your international sector is likely to bring surprises your way, making it anything but boring.


Reignite your romantic or creative life in the days just after the November 7th new moon. Go back to an unfinished art project or creative undertaking and take a new direction. Take a calculated risk.  


Venus Rx trine Mars


Retrograde Venus and Mars connect on the 9th, when you can leverage the new moon to relight the spark of creativity within. Let a distant place or foreign culture inspire you to broaden your horizons.  


Sun sextile Pluto


If you need to partner with someone of influence, reach out to them near the 11th of November when it may be easier to secure this person’s support.

“Publishing, broadcasting, or publicity events such as interviews could be on the agenda between now and the latter half of December.”

Mercury square Neptune Rx, Mars sextile Uranus Rx


A last minute social invitation could see you travelling somewhere distant–or making arrangements to do so–near the 15th.


An uncertain schedule could make planning a challenge, though, especially if you need to coordinate your workaday activities while traveling. Work ahead as much as possible in advance to give yourself more leeway.


Venus stations direct, Mercury stations retrograde


On the 16th both Venus and Mercury do an about-face, with  Venus resuming direct motion in your love and creativity sector at the same time Mercury stations retrograde in your work and health sector.


Creative projects can begin to move forward, now, while work or health related dealings may be up for revision or review in the coming three weeks.


Sun enters Scorpio


The sun makes his move into Scorpio the following day, November 17th, putting work and health related matters in the spotlight until mid December. You may find yourself re-doing work you’d assumed completed, or reexamining your health or your diet if it’s become clear something isn’t working.  


Mars square Jupiter


If you need to travel somewhere distant for your job or give a presentation to pitch an offer or service near the 19th, watch for that to dramatically increase your workload. You could have a job offer come your way as a result.


If you’re looking to get published or syndicated, watch for opportunities to further explore your options to come up near this date.

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Full Moon in Taurus


You could receive a spiritual blessing or gift of some kind near the full moon in Taurus on the 23rd, or reach the end of a significant inner journey. Take some time to yourself and relax.


Or, if you’ve been working on a solo project, use this time to put the finishing touches on your efforts and get ready to launch it  into the world.


Neptune stations direct


On the 24th Neptune goes direct in your international sector, in time for you to leverage Mars’ presence there. If you need to give a presentation or interview, or get a message out to a wide audience, or teach on a topic related to your profession, film, video, and television are powerful vehicles to use. Neptune’s change of direction will support you in enchanting your audience.


Mercury square Mars, Sun conjunct Jupiter


Watch your words and your temper near the 26th, when Mercury receives a challenge from Mars. Try not to make assumptions or overreact to another’s words, especially in the workplace.


Egos could be running high that day, compounding things. Take a breath, be patient, and know that in a few days this may all seem like less of a big deal.


The 26th could be a very lucky day over all, so Mars’ impatient and aggressive behavior can still be productive if channeled properly.  



astrologer & artist

Mars sextile Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, Mercury conjunct Jupiter


You get a bonus lucky day on the 27th, dear Gemini, when Jupiter conjoins your ruler, Mercury, for a second time this year. With Mercury’s retrograde making this possible, you may discover new and added benefits to whatever blessing Jupiter brought to you the first time these two met up, back in late October.


Your actions could have a long term impact on a committed relationship or partnership. If you’re a writer or salesperson by trade, this could be an excellent day to spend honing your craft.


Venus opposed Uranus Rx, Sun square Mars


A friend could pleasantly surprise you at month’s end, November 30th. You can find unexpected beauty in the day’s passing.


Alternatively, a stroke of artistic genius may be just the thing you need to get your creative juices flowing.   

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