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Libra Sun
Libra Rising

Venus, your ruler, returns to direct motion during the month of November, dear Libra. This month she also rules both the new and full moons, with one critical difference–she will still be retrograde at the new moon, but by the full moon she’ll have resumed direct motion.

Sun trine Neptune Rx


November 6th marks a day of heightened creativity for you, dear Libra, as both the sun and moon in your sign stimulate your imagination and offer inspiration.


Mars enters Aquarius, New Moon in Libra


Mars moves into Aquarius just ahead of the new moon, entering mutual reception with Uranus in Aries. These two continue their close association until just before the Christmas holiday, when Mars moves on to Pisces.  


You may find yourself active creatively or busy with children or a romantic interest in the coming six weeks. Enjoy a bit of lighthearted fun and spontaneity.


It’s your birthday new moon, dear Libra! Do anything you want except make upgrades or changes to your appearance, or buy or ask for expensive or designer gifts. Ask for gift cards for your birthday this year and wait to do your shopping until well after Venus, your ruler, resumes direct motion on the 16th–but you’ll still want to avoid buying expensive items, appliances or electronics.

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Venus Rx trine Mars


You can act on your inspiration on the 9th when ruler Venus dances with Mars in your creativity sector. In fact, you can make your new moon initiation today if you’re doing something in alignment with Venus retrograde.  


Sun sextile Pluto


If you need the backing of an older mentor or person of influence in your community or family, you can get it November 11th when Pluto, Saturn, and the luminaries team up on your behalf.


Mercury square Neptune Rx, Mars sextile Uranus Rx


Do something spontaneous with a partner near the 15th of November, but don’t take any financial risks near that date–the risk of loss is elevated as there is information you won’t have.

“The coming weeks are a perfect time to assess your finances to determine where you need to make adjustments to your spending or saving.”

Venus stations direct, Mercury stations retrograde


The very next day, November 16th, Venus and Mercury both shift gears. Venus, your ruler, resumes direct motion at 0 Libra after a six week retrograde while Mercury begins his final retrograde of the year in Scorpio.


The coming weeks are a perfect time to assess your finances to determine where you need to make adjustments to your spending or saving. If someone owes you money, you might receive it during Mercury retrograde.


Sun enters Scorpio


Finances take center stage once the sun moves into Scorpio on the 17th of November, a four week long trend lasting through mid December. Income and expenses are up for closer inspection as you plan for your financial future.


You have Jupiter here to help you through late 2019, creating perfect timing for you to take action to increase your financial health in the coming year. Begin in the next four weeks, starting with a thorough review and assessment.


Mars square Jupiter


You could lay out a fair bit of money toward a hobby or other creative endeavor near the 19th. It’s not a good day to take financial or creative risks though, as you may not like the price.

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Full Moon in Taurus


Near the full moon in Libra November 23rd, you could pay off a debt of some kind, whether a loan or tax obligation, or even release a psychological debt you may be carrying.  


Watch for unexpected beauty in your day–you may find it with a partner.


Neptune stations direct


On the 24th Neptune stations direct in your 5th House of creativity and romance, an excellent shift in direction for any creative projects previously in a state of uncertainty to finally take form. Painting, photography, film, and theater are especially supported, and you can successfully complete any unfinished creative projects now.


Mercury square Mars, Sun conjunct Jupiter


Finances could be a challenge near the 26th, when Mars and Mercury create the potential for harsh words. You’ll have Jupiter’s protection, so it’s very likely that whatever happens, things will work out in your favor.


For instance, you may have an expense come up suddenly and yet come into an unexpected income opportunity at the same time.



astrologer & artist

Mars sextile Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, Mercury conjunct Jupiter


Mark your calendar for the 27th and listen for good financial news when Mercury meets up with first the sun and then Jupiter in your money sector. If you previously asked for a raise, you may finally get your increase.


Venus opposed Uranus Rx, Sun square Mars


Finally, at month’s end do something spontaneous with a partner.

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