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JULY 2018

Libra Sun
Libra Rising

July is likely to be a highly transitional month, full of changes and adjustments for many. While not all signs will be affected equally, you’ll feel some impact personally, dear Libra. 

Venus Enters Leo


The first of it comes early in the month when Venus, your ruler, moves into your friendship sector, shifting your attention to social activities, events, and invitations through the remainder of July.


Mars Rx Out of Bounds, Sun Trine Neptune Rx


Mars moves out of bounds July 7th, while touring your home and family center. You’ll need to be aware of the risk of rash and impulsive behavior or violence at home and avoid picking unprovoked fights with parents while Mars misbehaves, through late September.


This same transit can also bring out an ambitious streak, so consider finding ways to channel Mars’ energy in a more positive direction by revitalizing your living space–rearrange, repaint even–just don’t install or replace any appliances or other mechanical equipment while Mars is retrograde.  


If you’ve been traveling or pursuing a course of study you may find yourself inspired by what you discover near the 8th. Alternatively, if you teach in higher education, write, or otherwise work in publishing or in broadcasting, you could find yourself involved in a highly creative project involving film, theater, photography, or even painting.

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Jupiter Stations Direct


Jupiter’s nearly five month long retrograde in your sign brought an opportunity to retool your image and appearance around a renewed sense of identity, especially so if you’ve felt like you’ve somehow outgrown the “old you” under his influence in the past several months.


As he resumes direct motion beginning July 10th you’ll begin to feel more comfortable in your new skin and discover a growing self confidence. This is a time for tapping into, exploring and expressing your most authentic self.


Venus Trine Uranus


The following day, July 11th, presents a lovely opportunity to enjoy an evening out on the town with a partner–do something spontaneous together. You’ll likely enjoy yourself.

“This is a time for tapping into, exploring and expressing your most authentic self.”

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Opposed Pluto Rx


If you’ve been wanting to travel, write a book, or go back to school, make your initiation in conjunction with the new moon July 12th. What you gain from doing so could be profoundly life changing.


Do be wary of engaging in power struggles near this new moon, especially with local authorities, immigration & customs, legal adversaries, or academic administrators, however. Whatever you do, certainly don’t initiate conflict–you won’t likely emerge the victor.


Venus Trine Saturn Rx


In the days just after the new moon consider meeting up with an older neighbor or sibling to take in a gallery show, concert, or even visit a museum or cultural center together.


Alternatively, get together for a paint ‘n sip party or similar event and have fun being creative together. Paint a masterpiece.


Sun Enters Cancer


Your career takes center stage once the sun enters Cancer for his annual four week tour of your professional sector. You’re likely to find yourself in the spotlight, so be sure to put on your best performance in the coming four weeks


Venus Sextile Jupiter


Go out for a night on the town with friends near the 22nd, dear Libra, and you’ll likely enjoy yourself more than you imagined you might.


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Venus Opposed Neptune RX


If you’re an artist, musician, photographer or or other creative type seeking to gain attention for your work , you may find it difficult to gain traction or gain a welcome reception within your social sphere when Venus and Neptune disagree near July 24th.


Consider whether the deeper meaning of your work is being aimed at the right audience–you may need to continue searching for the perfect demographic pairing in order for your work to be truly appreciated.


Alternatively, you could feel this opposition through a romantic relationship or through a connection you have with a child, possibly as misunderstanding, disillusionment or just generally feeling unappreciated.


It’s possible the other person is lost in their own imagination or desire to escape and your attempts to connect are simply not being recognized for what they are–an expression of your genuine affection. It will pass, so be patient and bust out that renowned Libran tact. It may take until after Neptune goes direct in November for the one you care about to recognize your patient efforts


Sun Square Uranus


Unpleasant surprises are possible when Uranus challenges the sun from your partnership sector on the 24th. If you are involved with a joint business venture beware that impulsive or erratic behavior within the partnership could undermine your professional standing.



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Mercury Stations Retrograde


You’ll have the opportunity to rethink your career strategy when Mercury retrogrades on the 26th, backtracking through your solar 10th House of status, achievement and recognition. Consider whether your goals have changed and whether your strategy needs adjusting as well.


Sun Opposed Mars Rx, Venus Trine Pluto Rx, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


More change is on the way at month’s end when the full moon lunar eclipse could force a real estate, home, or family matter to a head.


An influential sibling, extended family member, or neighbor could be just the person who can help, especially if you need a referral to an housing agency or other organization for outside assistance in the weeks around the July 27th full moon.  

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