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JULY 2018

Pisces Sun
Pisces Rising

Much of your energy is likely to be spent on friends and family in the month of July, dear Pisces, and you can tend to be so self sacrificing that you may be just fine with it that way. Just be sure to reserve some energy and time for yourself.

Venus Enters Leo


You’re likely to be a valuable and sought after partner in the workplace while Venus tours Leo beginning July 5th. She’ll grace this part of your chart through the remainder of the month.


Mars Rx Out of Bounds, Sun Trine Neptune Rx


Retrograde Mars continues to act up this month, misbehaving even more once he goes out of bounds in your friendship sector on the 7th. Beware of picking unprovoked fights with friends between now and late September. You may find yourself behaving in an uncharacteristically aggressive manner in social situations during this time.


You may also feel an uncharacteristically headstrong urge to get involved with a protest movement or become an activist for a cause you care about.


The 8th is a day to focus on rest, retreat and self care, so consider just staying in–you’ll prefer the comfort of your own familiar sanctuary, and the rest will help restore your energy.

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Jupiter Stations Direct


If you need access to the types of resources other people can provide, you’ll have better luck getting it once Jupiter stations direct on the 10th of July. You’ll find it easier to make financial progress, too. Just be careful of taking on excessive or unnecessary debt in the coming months.


Venus Trine Uranus


Your ability to cooperate and be a team player at work could give your income an unexpected boost near the 11th. Ask for a raise, you never know what might happen–you could be pleasantly surprised.


Just avoid being drawn into power struggles in your professional life at this time, as your reputation could take a hit.

“An older colleague, mentor, or boss sees your valuable workplace contributions and acknowledges them publicly near the 14th.”

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Opposed Pluto Rx


You could decide to upgrade your digs at the July 12th new moon solar eclipse, whether that means starting the search for your dream apartment or beginning a home improvement project, possibly involving your basement or sub level, or plumbing.


Venus Trine Saturn Rx


An older colleague, mentor, or boss sees your valuable workplace contributions and acknowledges them publicly near the 14th. Kudos to you, dear Pisces, your efforts are paying off.


Sun Enters Cancer


Your love life takes center stage while the sun tours Cancer in your solar 5th House through mid August. Single Pisces will want to mix and mingle for best chances, but if you’re not looking for a romantic connection you can use this time creatively instead.


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Venus Sextile Jupiter


Your workplace contributions could net you a sizeable bonus near the 22nd when Venus and Jupiter exchange pleasantries. Alternatively, if you’re seeking treatment for a health concern and need your insurance to cover the costs, you could hear the news you’ve been hoping for.


Venus Opposed Neptune RX


The 24th could be a challenging and draining day for you, dear Pisces, so do what you can to conserve your energy and practice self care.


You may have joint projects at work which require your participation and valuable contributions, and you won’t be at peak performance for them if you don’t get adequate rest.


Sun Square Uranus


An unexpected expense may arise near the 25th when Uranus and the sun duke it out, so if you are blessed earlier in the month–in the days around the 11th or 22nd–with a raise or bonus, you may want to sock some of that away just in case.



astrologer & artist

Mercury Stations Retrograde


Mercury will begin his second retrograde of the year on the 26th of July, backtracking through your solar 5th House of romance, creativity, and children. While this is a fantastic opportunity for artistically inclined Pisces to return to an unfinished creative project, it also provides a unique opportunity to reconcile with an estranged lover or child if you have a relationship with one or the other in need of mending. Take the time to clear the air between you in the coming three weeks.


Sun Opposed Mars Rx, Venus Trine Pluto Rx, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


Then at the full moon lunar eclipse coming late July, your involvement with an organization, club, or association could end. Alternatively, if you’ve been working on a humanitarian issue, volunteering, or been involved with a group project, your efforts may finally be coming to a culmination in the weeks around July 27th.

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