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JULY 2018

Sagittarius Sun
Saggitarius Rising

Jupiter, your ruler, will finally station direct this month, helping to bolster your energy after five long months retrograde. Embark on a new adventure in partnership this month, whether for business or pleasure. You could play an influential role in a partner’s life in the coming year.

Venus Enters Leo


Venus moves into your international sector on the 5th of July, making the idea of a getaway highly appealing–in fact, you could benefit from doing so this month. Alternatively, consider expanding your horizons through enrolling in a continuing education course, learning a new skill, or even through studying a culture completely foreign to your own. You could develop a new appreciation through what you discover.  


Sun Trine Neptune Rx, Mars Rx Out of Bounds


Mars moves out of bounds on the 7th, making you increasingly sensitive to financial expenditures through late September. This is a time when you could find it frustratingly difficult to hold onto the money that you earn–it may seem like you’re spending it as fast as you make it.


Jupiter Stations Direct


When Jupiter stations direct on the 10th you’ll feel it in your social sector, and spending time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones can feel quite reinvigorating.

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Venus Trine Uranus


If you have children, especially if they’re approaching college age, get together near the 11th to evaluate higher education prospects, the benefits of any colleges or universities your child may be considering, and the earning potential–and costs of–their chosen field or major.


Just do your best to avoid engaging in power struggles with a marriage partner or other vested party whose input may be relevant. Then, both of you back off–this is the child’s future and life choices under consideration, and ultimately it’s their decision and not either of yours. Besides, your child may just pleasantly surprise you.


Alternatively, embark on a spontaneous long distance getaway with your romantic partner and leave the whole world behind. Universe knows you need a break, dear Sagittarius. If you’re an artist, explore residency programs which could expose you to new places, cultures, and ideas and provide inspiration for your creative genius.

“If you should have to travel for business see if you can mix in a little pleasure–especially if you’re headed somewhere you already have connections. Or, take a road trip with a friend or lover.”

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Opposed Pluto Rx


The new moon solar eclipse in Gemini on the 12th presents an opportunity in your partnership sector. Consider taking on a joint project if the chance arises, or play a supportive role to a business or marriage partner if you feel this eclipse through the other person’s experiences. Your willingness to take on a VIP role could be hugely influential in your partner’s ability to succeed in dealing with whatever changes they may be facing in the days and weeks around this eclipse.


If this turns out to be the case, expect the need for your support to last the coming six months, at least through January 2019.


Venus Trine Saturn Rx


Consider whether you’re living your true ideological and philosophical values in the wake of this solar eclipse when Venus and retrograde Saturn exchange greetings on the 14th. Are you still embodying old, outdated traditions and values even though they don’t reflect what’s truly important to you? If so, what changes would you have to make to begin living your most authentic life?


Sun Enters Cancer


Your finances are in the spotlight beginning the 17th when the sun moves into your 8th House of other people’s money for a four week stay. This is your best time all year to review your financial picture, so use the next two weeks to pull together all the relevant records and paperwork for conducting a review. Include any debts, invested assets, tax paperwork, insurance policies, your will and any other estate planning documents. You’ll want to be meeting with your advisers in all these areas going into August.  


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Venus Sextile Jupiter


Get together with friends from far away over the weekend of the  22nd and have a lovely time catching up. Alternatively, if you should have to travel for business see if you can mix in a little pleasure–especially if you’re headed somewhere you already have connections. Or, take a road trip with a friend or lover.


Venus Opposed Neptune RX


Business related travel could pose challenges near the 24th, and communication with a partner could suffer as well, Seek clarification if necessary.


Alternatively, you could uncover a secret or some other information which has up until now been hidden from you, possibly involving a marriage or business partner.


Sun Square Uranus


A the needs of a child or lover could catch you off guard near the 25th, when Uranus and the sun duke it out. You may not have access to other resources and yet you feel deeply obligated to uphold a responsibility.



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Mercury Stations Retrograde


Mercury’s second retrograde of the year has him backtracking in your solar 8th House of other people’s resources, giving you a window of opportunity from the 26th through much of August to meet with the necessary professionals to make sure you have your finances in order.


Remember how you so diligently rounded up your records? Now is the time to be making appointments–review everything you collected with the relevant experts to establish whether you need to make any adjustments to your investment strategy, debt repayment plan, insurance policies or your to your will or estate. Be sure to examine your tax situation as well.  


You won’t necessarily be implementing any changes right now, merely conducting your annual review and making sure everyone’s on the same page. If you need to update what you’re doing, you’ll have a better idea of what changes to make and how to proceed once you’ve had the opportunity to meet with each of your advisers.


Sun Opposed Mars Rx, Venus Trine Pluto Rx, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


It’s been a challenging past eighteen months for you, dear Sagittarius, as you find yourself loaded up with long hours, lots of hard work, and plenty of responsibility. Now, an income source could be coming to a permanent end–unless, of course, you took steps to add to your income at the new moon in Capricorn last January, in which case your efforts may finally be bearing fruit as the late July eclipse lights up your earned income sector.

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