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JULY 2018

Scorpio Sun
Scorpio Rising

With Mars–Scorpio’s co-ruler–retrograde, you could be in for an interesting if somewhat tumultuous month, dear Scorpio. Aside from the fact that the rest of the world seems to be acting like children while you just want to chill for crying out loud, a string of astrological happenings in July stand to make it seem as if the whole world’s in desperate need of a time out.

Venus Enters Leo


Venus will grace your 10th House of status, achievement and recognition beginning July 5th, providing the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your worth while everyone else is busy bickering at the slightest provocation. Make good use of Venus’ stay here through month’s end to to showcase your value professionally.  


Mars Rx Out of Bounds, Sun Trine Neptune Rx


While Mars retrograde is typically less disruptive than Mercury retrograde, his backward behavior is compounded in the coming months by out of bounds travel. Often retrograde Mars’ irritability and impatience is only felt through his contact to a planet in the natal chart–and even then it seems far less aggravating to Scorpio and Aries ruled folks than everyone else.


But with Mars traveling out of bounds July 7th, we all become more inclined to overreact in anger, to act rashly or violently, or to pick fights at the slightest provocation–or at no provocation at all. Normally you might enjoy stirring the pot just to see what happens, but with Mars retrograde you may prefer to avoid the drama.

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Jupiter Stations Direct


You can gradually begin to make strides in your private life again as Jupiter regulates his orbit after stationing direct July 10th. His time here in your 12th House is an incredible opportunity for spiritual exploration, growth, and development in order that you might arrive at your own personal truth. You have until Jupiter moves on to Scorpio in the first half of October to take advantage of it.


Venus Trine Uranus


Your ability to take charge and handle unexpected happenings in your workaday sector evenhandedly reflects well on you near the 11th.  

“You have the potential to utterly transform your financial picture in the wake of this month’s new moon solar eclipse in Gemini, in a way that has permanent long term impacts.”

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Opposed Pluto Rx


You have the potential to utterly transform your financial picture in the wake of this month’s new moon solar eclipse in Gemini, in a way that has permanent long term impacts. Use this valuable opportunity by acting to take control of your financial picture in the days near July 12th.


Just avoid getting drawn into power struggles over money and finances if you can, as they are much more likely to crop up in the days around the new moon solar eclipse.


Venus Trine Saturn Rx


If you had previously attempted to negotiate a raise and were unsuccessful, consider trying again near the 14th, when Venus-currently underscoring your credentials and professional worth–sends a friendly missive to retrograde Saturn in your earned income sector.


Sun Enters Cancer


Long distance travel and communication are highlighted when the sun moves into your solar 9th House on the 17th. The sun’s annual four week visit here is just the right time to pick up a new skill or acquire additional knowledge.


It’s also a great time to reach out to someone far away with whom you’d like to stay in touch. Send an email or pick up the phone and dial–or, take a trip and visit in person.


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Venus Sextile Jupiter


A secret benefactor could put in a good word for you, giving your career a boost near the 22nd. Or, you could receive private praise for a public accomplishment near this date. You did ask for that raise again, didn’t you?


Venus Opposed Neptune RX


If you and a partner can’t see eye to eye near the 24th, do your level best not to let the situation escalate while Mars is misbehaving. It’s very likely to turn out to be a simple misunderstanding.


Sun Square Uranus


Be careful of accidents in the workplace near the 25th, when Uranus, the planet of accidents and sudden events–and ruler of electricity–challenges the sun. Take all necessary precautions and put safety first. If you do need to react suddenly to deal with an unexpected workplace happening, you may just learn something in the process.



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Mercury Stations Retrograde


Mercury will retrograde in your 9th House, affecting long distance travel and communication, legal matters, and higher education through the month of August. Expect delays, detours, and miscommunications while the messenger planet backtracks–proofread all documents and messages twice, verify your itinerary and accommodations if traveling, and be sure to leave room in your travel schedule to accommodate any potential delays.


Sun Opposed Mars Rx, Venus Trine Pluto Rx, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


A neighbor or sibling could move away as the late July lunar eclipse brings an ending in your solar 3rd House in the weeks around July 27th. Should the eclipse impact your transportation situation, you’ll want to hold off purchasing a replacement vehicle should that become necessary. You’re fine to handle any repairs your automobile might need, but if the time has come for a trade in, the likelihood you could end up with a lemon–or at least end up disappointed in your purchase–is at a high right now. Better to carpool, rent, or catch a ride share until September when Mercury is finished with his retrograde shenanigans.

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