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Scorpio Sun
Scorpio Rising

Mars, Scorpio’s co-ruler, moves into Aquarius early in November and begins acting a bit like Uranus, in a trend that will last until just before Christmas.


You may be a bit more impulsive or more rebellious than usual during this time.

Sun trine Neptune Rx


Home and private life are the center of your world early in the month, dear Scorpio. You may discover a secret about your home near the 6th, having to do with water, or the plumbing, or possibly bedrooms or closets.


Mars enters Aquarius, New Moon in Libra


Mars moves into your home and family sector just ahead of the new moon in Libra, bringing a surge of activity to your home. You could finally give in to the urge to make some changes and improvements to your property in time for the holidays.


Have you been wanting to make a change in your life, dear Scorpio? The November 7th new moon in Libra offers a sterling  opportunity to make a change to an unconscious belief or to visualize a new outcome for your life. You can embark on a new spiritual path, journey, or lesson in the days near November 7th. Or, begin a new solo project in the days just after the new moon.

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Venus Rx trine Mars


You could see November 9th bring an opportunity to focus on yourself and a partner. Spend some time together at home, just the two of you near this date and leave the outside world to itself for a little while.


Sun sextile Pluto


Solo endeavors may prove profitable near the 11th of November, offering a bit of needed financial stability. Private and financial matters have your attention at this time and you seek to meet your commitments.


Mercury square Neptune Rx, Mars sextile Uranus Rx


At mid-month you’ll want to keep your eye on happenings at home and at work–you may be needed to deal with a plumbing or water related issue at home and find you can change your work plans at the last minute to accommodate, for instance.  


Miscommunications and misunderstandings may come up, though, so make sure to ask questions or get clarification as needed.

“You’ve been a central player behind the scenes in the last several weeks, and now it’s time for you to step into a more visible role.”

Venus stations direct, Mercury stations retrograde


Venus and Mercury both change direction the next day, November 16th, so be careful with your words near this date and consider spending time alone for some self care and introspection.


Sun enters Scorpio


On the 17th the sun will enter your sign, marking the beginning of birthday month for you, dear Scorpio. You’ve been a central player behind the scenes in the last several weeks, and now it’s time for you to step into a more visible role.


Be thinking about what you most want to achieve in the coming year, as your birthday new moon is fast approaching.


Mars square Jupiter


Be careful that your own ego doesn’t get you into fights on the home front near the 19th, when the sun and Jupiter face off with Mars in your home and family sector.


Pride may prevent you from backing down from a challenge, which may not work out in your favor

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Full Moon in Taurus


At the full moon put the finishing touches on a joint project. You and a partner could see the payoff from a cooperative effort.


Neptune stations direct


On the 24th Neptune resumes direct motion in your solar 4th House of home and family, after five months retrograde. Watch what comes to light near this date to offer a clue as to how to move forward on a family matter or home project.


Mercury square Mars, Sun conjunct Jupiter


The 26th brings a risk of disagreements, so be careful with your words and choose your battles wisely, dear Scorpio. Pride or ego could trip you up if you’re not careful.



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Mars sextile Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, Mercury conjunct Jupiter


You could hear back about a highly personal matter or receive news which affects you directly near the 27th, when the sun and retrograde Mercury meet up for a second time. This news may relate to a past matter or an issue which previously arose.  


Venus opposed Uranus Rx, Sun square Mars


Enjoy unexpected pleasure in your private life at month’s end, dear Scorpio. You’ll be busy around the house, so be sure to give yourself an opportunity to rest.  

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