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Mercury, your ruler, stations retrograde during November–a slowdown you’re likely feeling already, dear Virgo. You can expect the pace of life to slow down in the next three weeks, and progress will be hard to come by. Instead, focus on what you need to rework, redo, or heal.

Mercury out of bounds


Mercury will be out of bounds for much of the month, from the 2nd until the 20th, making it necessary for you to make extra sure you avoid miscommunications. If you find yourself on the verge of reacting to someone’s words, slow down and ask for clarification before flying off the handle.


Sun trine Neptune Rx


If you work faithfully towards a dream near November 5th it may just pay off financially, and have an unintended benefit for a partnership, too.


Mars enters Aquarius, New Moon in Libra


Mars brings a burst of activity to your workaday sector when he moves into Aquarius just ahead of the November 7th new moon in Libra. He’ll be here for six weeks, touring your 6th House of work and health–a fortuitous time to have him bolstering your energy reserves.


Mercury retrogrades this month, and with your ruler retrograde you’re more likely to feel tired. Mars’ presence in your health sector can help provide the extra energy you need right now.


An income opportunity could come your way near the November 7th new moon. This once yearly activation of your earned income sector could bring a boost to your earning potential.


Watch within +/- four days of the new moon, or make your own opportunity by taking action toward implementing an old business idea, service, or product–offer a service or product which you’ve sold successfully in the past. Give an old business idea an update, and reach out to past clients to gauge interest and make your first offers on the 8th and 9th.

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Venus Rx trine Mars


You’ll be glad to have Mar’s energetic support come the 9th when you find yourself busy at work. All the activity will pay off on your paycheck, so your efforts and initiative are worthwhile.


Sun sextile Pluto


A real estate deal could prove lucrative near the 11th, or a parent may be influential in a financial matter. Oil, gas, or mining concerns could bring in a tidy profit near this day, too.


Mercury square Neptune Rx, Mars sextile Uranus Rx


A miscommunication or misunderstanding could crop up at the office at mid-month, and with Mercury retrograde and out of bounds any such situation could easily turn testy. With Jupiter touring your communication sector you may be best equipped to bring diplomacy back to the conversation.


Your initiative could pay off in other ways, quite unexpectedly.

“Writing, communication and local travel take center stage until mid December, when the sun enters Sagittarius.”

Venus stations direct, Mercury stations retrograde


The following day Venus and Mercury both shift gears. Venus prepares to return to direct motion, good news for your financial sector, just as Mercury stations retrograde in your travel and communication sector.


The challenging part here is that you’re already juggling out of bounds Mercury, and now he’ll confound things by turning retrograde–which tends to make our communications prone to error, delay and disruption to begin with–in your communication sector, no less.


You could encounter travel disruptions and delays in the coming three weeks, too, but if you leave room in your itinerary and double check all your travel arrangements, you may find travel to be the best way to spend the retrograde.


Sun enters Scorpio


The sun moves into Scorpio the very next day, joining Mercury and Jupiter in your travel and communication sector for his  annual four week tour. Writing, communication and local travel take center stage until mid December, when the sun enters Sagittarius.


Mars square Jupiter


Don’t fly off the handle at work near the 19th, a day when Mars could ignite disagreements or conflicts and Mercury’s gremlin behavior may very well seem like pouring gasoline on a fire.


With Jupiter in the mix you may find yourself busy with work related travel or even an influx of sales–depending on the work you do–which increases your workload and the demands on your schedule.

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Full Moon in Taurus


A travel or publishing opportunity could culminate near the Libra full moon November 23rd, or you could complete a course of study or a legal proceeding in late November.


Neptune stations direct


On the 24th Neptune comes to a standstill in your workaday sector, preparing to turn direct once again after a five month retrograde. You’ll see an improvement in progress as Neptune gains speed and you can move forward with previously unknown information at hand.


Mercury square Mars, Sun conjunct Jupiter


The luckiest day of the year arrives on the 26th of November, providing welcome relief from verbal entanglements which mark the day. Thankfully Mercury is no longer out of bounds complicating communication matters, but he’s still retrograde. An old argument or disagreement could arise once more near the 26th and having Jupiter’s protection in your communication sector will be a boon for you.


If this is the kind of conflict that requires a clear winner, that winner may be you.



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Mars sextile Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, Mercury conjunct Jupiter


Even more good luck is headed your way the next day, when retrograde Mercury meets up again with the sun, then Jupiter. This is an important day for you , dear Virgo, and one which brings an opportunity to revisit a prior conversation or past negotiations in pursuit of a more favorable result.


Venus opposed Uranus Rx, Sun square Mars


Travel is likely near the end of the month, although you probably won’t be going very far at all. Ego conflicts could arise, too.


Watch for the possibility of unexpected expenses or unexpected good fortune in the final days of November.

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