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October 2017 Forecast

Monthly Overview

Welcome to Mystick Physick Astrology, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective.


Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use our easy online sidereal calculator to find out for free.


October begins pleasantly enough, and though the second week things get challenging, the second half of the month brings a wonderful new moon opportunity for readers of every sign. Mercury–and Jupiter, too–delivers some good news throughout the month, adding some beautifully bright spots which are sure to stand out.


The good news is that the challenges we face in the second week of October are opportunities for growth and learning, providing the necessary contrast we need in order to find the requisite clarity of purpose and desire to be effective going forward.


Embrace the challenges, and open yourself to the lessons they contain. Refrain from judging the circumstances in which you find yourself, and allow that whatever happens is for your highest good. Breathe, and remember to take time for self care and self-compassion when you find yourself in the thick of it.


Early in the month energetic Mars and discerning Venus send greetings to Pluto as he transits Sagittarius just before the pair are due to conjoin in Leo on the 5th. This dance between Mars, Venus, and mysterious little Pluto colors the entire first week of October.


Business or partnership related activities could take on added intensity in the early days of the month.


The full moon in sidereal Pisces October 5th could bring a power struggle to a head, with Pluto challenging the sun, the moon, and Mercury from his perch in Sagittarius.


We may be challenged to reexamine the way we think about or understand ourselves through the influence of an external authority or through deep contemplation and transformation of the ideals we once held.


We may be inspired by selfless humanitarian acts or movements which uplift all of humanity.


By the 8th things could begin to get challenging, when Mercury and the sun team up in Virgo just as Venus and Saturn square off in Leo and Scorpio: fire, meet water. Saturn wants Venus to learn dedication and commitment, and any self indulgence or laziness on our part will only serve to keep from us that which we desire most. Saturn only rewards us when our work is done and responsibilities met, like a stern father figure.


Venus enters sidereal Virgo on the 10th, highlighting the value of discernment and conscientiousness, and allowing us to see the beauty in the details throughout the month of October. We must be careful not to get caught up in the criticizing of appearances or worth, though.


Mars and Saturn duke it out the next day, as if any action you take in response is like swimming upstream. Find a way to navigate with the tide. You’ll still have to work for what you get, but you’ll make better headway without exhausting yourself.


Mercury could bring good news regarding an obligation, responsibility, or commitment near the 12th.


On the 14th Mercury enters sidereal Libra for a three week stay, while fiery Mars moves into earthy Virgo the same day. Mars feels impatient in Virgo as he lacks the calm to naturally compliment Virgo’s meticulous nature.


The best you can do in this scenario is dive in and get down to work, so take initiative for the next six weeks and before you know it you’ll be finished up with your work and ready to move on.

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Surprise news is possible on the 15th. Be careful of saying something impulsively or signing a contract, if you make a promise on this day it will be in place for a long time.


The sun moves into sidereal Libra on the 17th. In the coming four weeks we’ll feel naturally inclined to seek balance and harmony with others.


Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Libra the very next day, bringing the possibility of big news. Perhaps we’ll find ourselves planning or enjoying a trip, or course of study, or just a really good conversation.


Anyway you slice it, it looks to be a fairly lovely day all around.


You can sign contracts on this day, just be sure to double-check the fine print for surprises. You don’t want anything unexpected to crop up after you’ve signed.


The 19th brings the new moon in sidereal Libra, giving us the perfect opportunity to set in motion our plans for using Jupiter’s transit here. Remember, Jupiter is the gift-giver of the zodiac and enlarges and expands whatever he touches. As the planet of expansion, Jupiter will grow whatever you begin under this new moon as he transits Libra for the coming ten months. Look to the house Libra occupies in your natal chart to know what area of life Jupiter is touching right now. This is the area where you want to make your big initiation.


Libra babies will feel his blessings the most of all the signs during this time.


If you need your sidereal natal chart, you can get it calculated using our free sidereal chart calculator. For a more in depth look at your sidereal natal chart, try a Sidereal Natal Report or an Astrology Exploration Report.


The 24th could be lovely for taking in theater or a film. This is a day for inspiration and creativity.


The sun conjoins Jupiter on the 26th, the luckiest day of the year! We’ll feel this effect over the 25th and 26th, the perfect days for making your new moon initiation.


Power struggles are possible near the 27th when a VIP has important news.


If you don’t have your sidereal natal chart and you would like to check your sidereal placements to know if you are affected personally, or to look up your rising sign, you can view your chart drawing using the free online sidereal natal chart calculator. Read on for tailored advice for your sidereal sun and rising sign.


Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world. For sidereal or tropical consultations, personal readings, or to learn more, visit

Monthly Details

Sun in Virgo
September 17th – October 17th
October  10th
Venus enters Virgo
October 14th
Mercury enters Libra
Mars enters Virgo
October 17th
Sun enters Libra
October 5th
Full Moon in Pisces
October 19th
New Moon in LIbra
Dates of Note
October 5th
Venus conjoins Mars
October 8th
Mercury conjoins the sun
October 25th & 26th
Sun conjoins Jupiter

2017 Sidereal Solar Ingress Dates

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The full moon October 5th lights your 12th House of privacy and seclusion. If you’ve been working on a solo project largely out of the public eye, you could find yourself putting finishing touches on it now. Mars, your ruler, enters Virgo on the 14th for a six week stay. Be careful of the impulse to criticize during this time. The new moon in Libra October 19th highlights an opportunity in your 7th House of partnership. You and a partner could begin a new way of working together, and if you begin on one of the two luckiest days of the year, October 25th and 26th, you’ll both stand to benefit even more.


You could see a dream come true within +/- four days of the full moon in Pisces October 5th. On the 10th, Venus, your ruler, begins a three and 1/2 week tour of Virgo, bringing creative or romantic affairs to the forefront. The new moon October 19th brings an opportunity to your 6th House of work and health. This is an excellent time to begin a new health habit or to implement beneficial changes in your diet, start on the 25th or 26th for maximum benefit.


A career matter comes to culmination within +/- four days of the full moon October 5th. You could receive recognition for your professional contributions. Your ruler, Mercury, moves into Libra for a three week stay beginning October 14th, during which time your attention will shift to creative or romantic activities. At the new moon October 19th an opportunity to begin a new stage in a love affair or to start a new creative project presents itself. Likewise, if you’ve been thinking about creating something special, begin on the 25th or 26th of October to build Jupiter’s blessings in to your project.


October 5th full moon in fellow water sign Pisces brings a 9th House matter to conclusion–you could be completing a course of study, legal arguments, long journey, or a publishing or broadcasting project. Now’s the time to wrap up any loose ends. The new moon in Libra October 19th brings an opportunity for a fresh start with your home or living arrangements or to buy, lease or rent a new property. You might remodel or simply do some rearranging or redecorating–whatever it is it will involve experiencing your home or family environment in a new way. Perhaps you acquire a new appliance or piece of furniture, or welcome a new member of the family.


The full moon October 5th lights your 8th House of other people’s resources. If you owe a debt, your payments may come due now, or if you’re waiting for news on an insurance claim, you may finally hear about it. Your ruler, the sun, moves into Libra for a four week stay beginning October 17th, shifting your attention to sibling, neighbor, or to travel and communication activities. The new moon there brings opportunities to travel somewhere nearby in the coming six months, or to begin a writing project as a few examples.


Mystick Physick Sidereal Horoscopes Monthly Subscription

Subscribe and receive advance access to all 12 Mystick Physick Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes by sign. Just $4.99/month.


The full moon in Pisces brings a relationship or relationship of matter to culmination. If you’ve been working on a joint project or collaboration you may finally see the fruits of your labors. Venus and Mars move into sidereal Virgo at mid-month, giving you magnetism and allure. You can make changes to your appearance quite successfully in the following three weeks. The October 19th new moon presents an opportunity in your 2nd House of earned income. Ask for a raise or take on a new income-earning opportunity on the 25th or 26th, the luckiest days of 2017. If you’ve been considering taking on a side hustle and now is the time to begin.


A work project or employment opportunity may be coming to an end at the full moon October 5th. Likewise, if you’ve been taking care of a health concern you may finally see results. Mercury arrives in Libra on the 14th, bringing news and putting you at the center of communications over the coming three weeks. Then, on the 17th, the sun joins for his annual four-week tour of your solar 1st House of image, self-expression, and appearance. You have the urge to be seen as fair-minded and can find yourself unnecessarily playing devil’s advocate simply because of your inner indecision and fear of commitment. Let’s face it, no one knows FOMO like a Libra knows FOMO–how can you possibly be expected to pick just one option? The new moon October 19th marks the beginning of birthday month for you, dear Libra, and a once-a-year opportunity. You get to use this very special birthday new moon anyway you want, and make your initiation on the 25th or 26th. Happy Birthday!


The October 5th full moon lights up your 5th House of love, romance and creativity. You could be putting the finishing touches on a creative project at this time, or make a declaration of love to someone you’ve been seeing–or even call it quits if your time together has made it clear you’re not a good fit. The new moon in Libra October 19th activates your 12th House of privacy and seclusion, opening a door to self examination and the opportunity to begin an important solo project. Begin on the 25th or 26th for best results.


A home, family, or property related matter comes to conclusion at the full moon in Pisces, within +/- four days of October 5th. At the new moon in Libra in your 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dreams you hold in your hands a once yearly opportunity to take your very first steps towards a dream that is close to your heart. Begin on the 25th or 26th when the sun conjoins your ruler, Jupiter, making them the luckiest days of the year and some of the most important for you, dear Sagittarius.


The full moon in Pisces October 5th highlights your 3rd House of travel and communication. If you’ve had activity in your neighborhood, or involving a sibling, watch for it to come to a conclusion within +/- 4 days. At the new moon, which activates your 10th House of career and achievement, be prepared to take steps to advance a professional goal. Act on the 25th or 26th and build Jupiter’s lucky influence into your professional aspirations.


The full moon lights up your 2nd House of earned income. You could finally be seeing the payoff from a new money-making endeavor you launched six months ago. If you’ve been considering pursuing higher education or a certificate program the new moon in Libra activates your 9th House of higher learning, a great time to apply. Submit your application on the 25th or 26th, or plan a long-distance trip, begin a new publishing project, or consult with a lawyer for legal advice. Those two days are the best days to begin any of those activities.


A role you’ve been playing in the world is coming to an end within +/- four days of the full moon in Pisces on October 5th. This could be something which began six months earlier at the new moon in Pisces at the end of March. Then, at the new moon in Libra October 19th, an 8th house opportunity presents itself. If you’ve been needing a loan, you can apply now, or if you’ve been needing to address a will or inheritance matter, or even make a long-term investment or purchase insurance, you can meet with an advisor at this time. The best days to do so are October 25th or 26th, the luckiest days of the year.

about me

about me

My astrological explorations began in 1994 and have taken me on an amazing, decades-long journey of discovery beginning with the teachings of Sybil Leek and continuing with those of Joanna Woolfolk, Nicholas Campion, Max Heindel, Ptolemy, Susan Miller, Carol Rushman, Steven Forrest, Cyril Fagan, Robert Powell, and Dane Rudhyar, to name just a few. I began reading privately for family and close friends in 2003 and following a profoundly transformational spiritual experience opened my practice to the public through Mystick Physick in 2014.


Now more than ever I see the need in the world for the life and soul guidance that astrology can offer to those who seek to understand its sublime language. Collectively we are waking up and determined to find meaning and purpose in our daily lives. This is the gift that astrology offers us.


I’m Phaedra, astrologer and artist of Mystick Physick. I make my home in Idaho’s gorgeous Treasure Valley with my husband of 18 years, our dog Rocket and cat Jet. In my natural habitat I can usually be found meditating, continuing my ongoing astrological explorations, painting to the astrological rhythms of the solar system, or reading about the latest discoveries in the science of consciousness or astrophysics. You can find me at and