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As Mars and Venus continue their dance through your 7th House of partnership the first week of October they both extend a hand to Pluto in your 11th House of friendship, hopes and dreams.

You’re likely busy with partners and partnership matters on the 1st, when Mars reaches out to Pluto. This could be a marriage or business partner, as both types of partnership are governed by the 7th House. You may respond to the invitation of an influential friend near this day, or be involved in a joint activity with a VIP in your social sector.


Two days later, on the 3rd, Venus follows suit, sending a pleasant beam of her own to Pluto just before she’s due to conjoin Mars October 5th. If an influential social contact has approached you and a partner about a deal of some sort, you may come to an agreement near this date.


Alternatively, a social activity or cause you and a partner are jointly involved in may transform your relationship in some way.


The full moon October 5th lights your solar 2nd House of earned income and possessions, bringing an income source to an end, or, if you took steps to begin creating a side hustle for yourself back at the new moon in Pisces March 27th, your big master plan may finally be ready to be unleashed.


If you lose an income source, it’s likely to come to a conclusion within +/- days of the new moon, but if you’re giving birth to your own entrepreneurial venture, be sure to put the finishing touches on it and launch in the 10 days following, the closer to the full moon, the better.


Alternatively, you could sell off or divest a possession or possessions at this full moon.

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Mercury conjoins the sun on the 8th of October in your 8th House of other people’s money, a good time to meet with an advisor to assess your financial situation. You’ll want to review anything related to debts, investments, taxes, insurance or inheritance matters, as all of those are covered by the 8th House.


Or, it’s possible you could receive news of a bonus or commission near this date, or of an inheritance, or receive payment on an insurance claim.


Venus squares off with Saturn in your career sector the same day, when a professional obligation could cause tension with a business or romantic partner.


Power struggles are possible near the 9th when the sun and Mercury tangle with Pluto in your social sector. You may feel like someone within your social circles wants to influence or  control your access to resources. You’ll want to protect your interests.


On the 10th of October Venus moves into Virgo, entering your solar 8th House of other people’s money for a three and 1/2 week stay, potentially bringing bonus or commission opportunities with her if you earn income in one of those ways.


It’s Mars’ turn to tangle with Saturn on the 12th, a day when you’ll want to be careful not to let a career responsibility cause conflict with a partner. Saturn wants Mars to learn patience and commitment, and if you don’t make the effort to integrate his lessons, he’ll prevent you from getting what you want.

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“A social activity or cause you and a partner are jointly involved in may transform your relationship in some way”

On the 14th both Mercury and Mars change signs, with Mercury beginning his tour of Libra while Mars joins Venus in Virgo.


Mercury’s visit in Libra lasts about three weeks, bringing news from far away or the opportunity to travel great distances. Alternatively, you could learn a new skill or acquire knowledge of some sort, write a thesis or white paper, or promote a publishing or broadcasting event.


Mars will bring six weeks worth of increased activity to your 8th House of other people’s resources, likely triggering both expenses, such as loans which come due, as well as income in the form of insurance payouts or investment returns, or commission or bonus income as a few examples.


Mars will move on at the beginning of December, so if you do earn income through bonuses or commissions, you’ll want to maximize his stay here by bringing in as much business as you ethically can.


On the 15th your career efforts could net you a financial reward when Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, reaches out to the sun in your financial sector.


The sun moves into Libra on the 17th for his annual four week tour of your solar 9th House. This is a time when you don the identity of the foreigner, tourist, student, speaker, writer, academic, or philosopher.


Watch for some really good news to arrive near the 18th, when Mercury conjoins Jupiter, the gift giver, in your solar 9th House of international affairs and long distance travel & communication.

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There is an element of surprise that comes with the new moon in Libra on the 19th, as the sun conjoins unpredictable Uranus in your 9th House. The 9th House rules higher education and legal matters in addition to long distance travel and communication, so if you’ve been considering going back to school to pursue a degree or certificate program, this full moon is the perfect time to begin.


Likewise, if you need to bring a legal case, you can do so now, but all initiations made at this new moon come with a caveat. Uranus is in play, and due to his erratic nature it can be difficult if not impossible to know what his influence will be. In addition, Venus as ruler of this new moon is unaspected, making for a wild card effect.

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With these modifiers in mind, the best strategy is to hold off making your initiation until the 25th or 26th when the sun conjoins Jupiter, heralding the luckiest day of the year. Jupiter’s influence actually spans two degrees of the zodiac, so you’ll feel this effect over both days, and if you act during either of them you’ll tie Jupiter’s protective and lucky energy into the entirety of your endeavor.


Now stepping back to the 24th, you could receive pleasant news near this day which affects you personally, news which would travel a great distance to reach you.


Finally, on the 27th, be prepared for struggles for control or influence over a 9th House matter. If you decide to go away to university for instance, a friend could try to influence you to change your mind as just one example.

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