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October starts off quite powerfully for you as creative project you’re actively working on could gain you a level of authority in the publishing or broadcasting world or in academia near the 1st when your ruler, Mars, sends a friendly greeting to Pluto in Sagittarius in your 9th House of long distance travel and communication.

Venus does the same a day later, on the 3rd, shooting an invitation to Pluto just before she conjoins Mars in Leo in your 5th House of romance and creativity on the 5th of October.


The early days of October are perfect for spending time with a lover or romantic partner.


The full moon October 5th lights your 12th House of privacy and seclusion. If you’ve been working on a solo project, you have the perfect opportunity to put the finishing touches on it within the 10 days following the full moon.


The 8th through the 11th of October are a challenging set of days where you could find yourself dealing with tough circumstances in several areas of life. You could be dealing with child support matters, a grant for a creative project, or even the financial claims of an ex-partner of a current romantic interest, as a few examples, at the same time you’re pursuing a course of study for continuing education, or away on a long distance travel for work-related matters.


Your mental acuity is strong going into these challenges as Mercury conjoins the sun on the 8th, but you may be unable to get your message through until closer to the 12th. You may feel impatient, frustrated, or thwarted, but try to be patient and roll with the punches. You’re facing challenges from authority at the same time you feel unable to act, move, or speak. Frustrating, indeed, but it will pass don’t make the situation worse by being impulsive.


Saturn wants you to learn patience, self discipline and commitment, and if you don’t make the effort to demonstrate those qualities, he’ll block you from getting what you want.

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Mercury and Mars, your ruler, both change signs on the 14th, with Mercury moving into sidereal Libra for a three week stay. News from a partner is possible, or at least expect an uptick in communication in your partnership sector.


Mars enters sidereal Virgo later in the day, reigniting competition between you and your colleagues or perhaps between you and a workout partner.


You’re ready to jump into work projects with both feet and blaze new trails while you do so during the six week long transit of Mars in Virgo. You could get a great deal of work done if you pace yourself so that you don’t burn out.


Venus enters Virgo on the 10th, beginning a three and 1/2 week tour of your work and health sector. Partners could become important to your progress at work and in health during this transit. Use this time to get clear about what you want out of a work or health partnership and the qualities you need in a partner and then focus on being that kind of partner.


Venus is headed into your partnership sector (home territory for Venus) next, so by focusing on being the kind of partner you want to attract you’ll be well positioned to manifest that when Venus comes knocking on your 7th House door next month in November.

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“A social activity or cause you and a partner are jointly involved in may transform your relationship in some way”

On the 15th Mercury gets a surprise from Uranus, so be careful if you’re traveling with your partner, or in talks with one. Saying something impulsive could have lasting impact and the opposite effect you intended, or an expected travel hiccup could delay your arrival or have you changing your itinerary unexpectedly.


Alternatively if you make an impulsive commitment of partnership this day it could be for the long haul.

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The Sun enters sidereal Libra on the 17th, beginning a four week stay in your 7th House of partnership. During this time you’ll find your identity is defined or influenced by your business and marriage partnerships or through your relationships with other people in general.


Big partnership news is possible the very next day October 18th, when Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Libra. Try not to romanticize or idealize partners or partnerships. Reality doesn’t always live up.


The new moon October 19th highlights an opportunity in your 7th House of partnership, dear Aries. This could be the perfect new moon to capitalize on that big news you just received. If you are about to embark on a joint project or partnership venture, or begin a new phase with a committed relationship, this new moon will unlock Jupiter’s gifts just at the exact right time.


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You’ll want to wait to begin due to the unpredictable nature of this new moon, though. Uranus opposes the sun and moon at this time, and with Venus, the ruler of the new moon, unaspected the outcome could be unexpected to say the least.


Instead, make your initiation on the 25th or 26th, the two luckiest days of the year, when Jupiter conjoins the Sun. Building Jupiter’s protective and beneficial influence into your endeavor will help to tip the outcome in your favor.


Taking a step back to the 24th, a friend or partner could be a source of inspiration on a dream of yours.


Finally, on the 27th you could have helpful news from a VIP related to a publishing or broadcasting venture, legal case, course of study, or on an immigration or long distance travel matter.

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