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Leo Sun
Leo Rising

October’s intense early days are full of dreamy romance and passion for hitched Leo, even though your attention is likely still fully on your wallet. You can still enjoy your partner’s company on a budget, there’s no need to break the bank.

Things heat up on the 1st when passionate Mars sets off sexy Pluto in your 5th House of romance and creativity. Married or attached Leo’s may prefer to spend their intense creative energy on a passion project instead.


Just two days later, on the 3rd, sultry Venus follows suit, adding her touch of beauty and charm to the mix–right before she’s due to conjoin Mars at the full moon October 5th.


Pluto is still close enough to lend his influence at the intense full moon, painting it with a mysterious ambiance.


Watch for a financial matter to wrap up at this full moon, possibly related to taxes, insurance, investments, inheritance, or loan matters. Alternatively, you could receive a nice bonus or commission if you earn income this way.


Mercury conjoins your ruler, the sun, on October 8th, triggering a personal message and gracing you with gifts of persuasion, clarity of mind, and an articulate way with words. If you need to ask for a raise or give a sales pitch today you have Mercury’s help to assist you.


You may still have to deal with home or family related challenges that day, but they won’t likely interfere much with your lovely sun-Mercury conjunction.


The 9th is more challenging and may bring power struggles over money or possessions your way, especially with a romantic partner or child.


Venus moves into Virgo on the 10th for a three and 1/2 week stay in your 2nd House of earned income. This is an excellent time to partner with other parties to generate more income. Your efforts will likely be more effective if you do.

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On the 11th, conflicts on the home front are possible. Practice patience–Mars’ presence in your 1st House may make you aggressive, impatient, or confrontational. Remember you have responsibilities outside of yourself.


Watch for good news regarding a home or family related matter near the 12th.


Mercury and Mars both change signs on the 14th, with Mercury first moving into sidereal Libra and your solar 3rd House of travel and communication.


Mercury will be here in his natural home for about three weeks and will likely bring with him travel, writing, or communication activity while he’s here.


The 3rd House governs local travel and your immediate environment, so this would likely be travel to somewhere nearby, or communication within your community or neighborhood.


Likewise, the 3rd House governs neighbors, siblings, and cousins, so it could be you hear from someone in one of these categories as another possibility.


Mars’ entry into Virgo comes later in the day, and follows Venus’s move there just a few days prior, on the 10th. Expect an increase in expenses and income during the coming six weeks. Mars will bring activity to your 2nd House of income and expenses, so if you have expenditures come up, don’t sweat–you’ll likely be able to find the money for them.


Alternatively, you may increase your income through a raise, increased business, or a side hustle which allows you to finally make some important purchases you’ve had on your list.

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“You may increase your income through a raise, increased business, or a side hustle which allows you to finally make some important purchases you’ve had on your list.”

Mercury opposes Uranus on the 15th, just one day after his ingress into Libra. Something unexpected is likely to come up, possibly related to a travel or speaking opportunity, and you may find yourself a little indecisive about what to do.


You may decide to spend some money on a purchase for your home (or even to buy a home) near the 16th, and if so, it’s likely you’ll have it for some time to come. Alternatively, if you’re limited to working from home you could find a way to leverage income out of your situation.


On the 17th of October the sun moves into Libra for his annual four week visit in your 3rd House of travel and communication. This is a time when your identity will be defined by the roles of messenger or traveler, or even as a sibling or neighbor.

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The new moon in sidereal Libra has an unexpected element to it, as the sun opposes retrograde Uranus in your 9th House of international affairs the very same day.


Be careful of being impulsive as the full moon and Uranus both have an impulsive and unpredictable energy about them. To compound the matter, Venus as ruler of this new moon is unaspected and therefore anything could happen–the final outcome here is up in the air.


If you’ve been wanting to begin a new project or make an initiation of some sort, whether that’s making changes to your immediate environment, beginning a new writing project or a new way of connecting with people in your community, or even planning a getaway, this new moon is your chance.


Venus may be unaspected while the sun and moon are tied up in all this impulsive energy but the luckiest day of the year falls on the 26th (and affects the 25th too), and if you make your initiation on that day you’ll build Jupiter’s beneficial, lucky, and protective energy into your endeavors. This is an excellent way to consciously steer the outcome of this unpredictable new moon.


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Backing up to the 24th, this is a day to spend time with a business or romantic partner. If a romantic partner is in your life, Neptune and Mercury casts a lovely, dreamy spell over your relationship and the communication between you.


If you use this day for meeting a business partner, you could find inspiration together about the nature of your business’s message and what you offer the world. Remember Mercury rules sales and commerce, so if this is your field, you can capitalize on the opportunity to work with a partner to improve your sales skills and messaging.


On the 27th there’s a risk of power struggles over money or belongings with a romantic interest or child, but you can talk it out with just a little willingness to listen.

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