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You’re busy in your daily work and professional life in early October, dear Pisces, and it signals good outcomes for your career. Mars and Venus are touring your workaday sector putting you right at the center of the activity, working with partners to make it all happen the way it needs to, and a VIP is taking notice.

Your initiative at work takes center stage on the 1st when Mars reaches out to Pluto in your 10th House of career, fame, achievement and honors. Two days later, on the 3rd, Venus does the same, putting the spotlight on your partnership skills. You understand how to be a team player in this situation, and it makes you quite attractive to partner with.


On the 5th Venus conjoins Mars, bringing your efforts together just in time for the full moon in Pisces, lighting your solar 1st House of image, appearance, identity and self-expression.


This full moon will bring a highly personal matter to conclusion, within+/- four days of October 5th. Likewise, if you’ve been working on a project in which you’ve invested a great deal of your personal energy and self-expression, use the days following this full moon to put the finishing touches on it.


Mercury and the sun have their once-a-year meet up on October 8th in your solar 7th House of partnership. You can use this day to connect with a partner in business or marriage and communicate with clarity. Just try not to identify so strongly with your own ideas that it prevents you from appreciating their perspective.


Venus challenges Saturn that same day, so recognize that balance and cooperation in work related partnerships will be critical to communicating the big picture and the ideals which inform it. Healthy dialogue requires that communication and ideas flow both ways, and you may have the tendency to retreat from uncomfortable or challenging interactions, which makes it doubly hard for others to understand where you’re coming from, dear Pisces.

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There’s a risk of power struggles in your professional life on the 9th, especially involving partnerships. You might find it challenging to suss out the power dynamics driving this, though it may be that a partner or other person of influence is feeling vulnerable in some way and finds that threatening their sense of control.


Venus enters Virgo on October 10th, gracing your partnership sector with feelings of harmony, which can facilitate cooperation in the coming three and 1/2 weeks. Just don’t get complacent about the work you need to get done together on a joint project.


Mars squares off with Saturn the next day, October 11th, making it challenging to move forward with all your big picture plans. Ask yourself why you’re feeling so impatient about your grand ideas? Are you prepared to see them through to the end? Saturn wants you to think before you act and fully commit to the outcome. If you impulsively withdraw when encountering difficult obstacles or delays instead of finding pioneering ways around them, Saturn is likely to assume you’re not serious about achieving your lofty goals and withhold his gifts to you. Demonstrate commitment and tenacity and you’ll be rewarded.


Should you do so, Saturn will likely send you some good news the next day.

Make a Donation

“If you need a loan or grant, you can use this new moon in Libra to submit your request, as you have the best chance all year for getting approval.”

On the 14th, both Mercury and Mars change signs. Mercury steps in to Libra for a three week stay in your 8th House of other people’s money, while Mars moves to join Venus in your partnership sector for the coming six weeks.


Watch for financial news related to loans, taxes, insurance, or bonuses and commissions and the like, and prepare for partnership activities to ramp up going into the holiday season.


The following day surprise financial news is likely to arrive as Mercury opposes Uranus, the planet of surprises and unexpected events, in your financial sector on October 15th. This news could relate either to an sudden windfall or an unanticipated expense.


The sun makes his move into sidereal Libra on the 17th for his annual four week visit to your 8th House of other people’s resources. You’re likely to benefit from another’s largesse in some way during this time.


In fact, you may have big news arrive when Mercury meets up with Jupiter on the 18th in this same part of your chart, just as the sun opposes unpredictable Uranus. You could be the recipient of an unexpected gift! Alternatively, you might just consider buying a lotto or scratch-off ticket on this day, as the 8th House also governs winnings and windfalls. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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The new moon on October 19th ushers in an opportunity for you to gain financially through your access to the resources of others. Watch for an opportunity to arise within +/- four days of the new moon.


Alternatively, if you need a loan or grant, you can use this new moon in Libra to submit your request, as you have the best chance all year for getting approval.


One thing to note about this new moon, however: any outcomes are likely to be unpredictable, for two reasons. Uranus is situated in opposition to the new moon, making it difficult to do much beside offer a guess as to how things will pan out. In addition, Venus rules this new moon, and as the ruler we look to her condition and aspects to clues as to the outcome. She is unaspected at this time, which creates a “wild card” effect.


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All that being said, there is something you can do to tip the odds in your favor. The two luckiest days of the year are coming up when the sun conjoins Jupiter in Libra on the 26th, and the effect will spill over on to the 25th as well, Wait to make your initiation or sign and submit your application until these two days, and you will incorporate Jupiter’s protection and blessing into your endeavor.

Now let’s take a step back to the 24th, when Mercury in Libra sends a friendly missive to you ruler, Neptune, in Aquarius. You could receive good financial news near this day, and if so, it’s likely to come in private.

Finally, on the 27th, be careful of the risk of power struggles in your professional sector, possibly involving a business or marriage partner. Good money news or a savvy financial advisor could help smooth things over.

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