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Sagittarius Sun
Saggitarius Rising

Mars kicks October into action in your 9th House of international affairs on the 1st, dear Sagittarius. You may need to travel into uncharted territory and persuade a partner to come along for the ride.

With both Mars and Venus reaching out to Pluto in your 1st House in the first week of October, you could quite literally find yourself visiting someplace far from home, enjoying the beauty of a culture far different from your own.


If you need to persuade a partner to join you, Pluto will lend you charisma and influence at just the right time.

You could also be embarking on an educational adventure, through CE requirements for your field or some other type of higher education. With Venus in place by the 3rd of October, you’d likely enjoy yourself, and you may just be the star pupil.


Law, religion, and higher thinking are also governed by the 9th  House, so activity in any of these areas is a possibility during the first week of the month. Watch the 5th when Venus and Mars conjoin here, just in time for the full moon in Pisces.


That full moon is likely to bring a family or property matter you may be dealing with to a conclusion, within +/- four days. Alternatively, you may be assisting a parent near this time. With Mercury joining the sun in your 10th House of career matters you’re likely to be feeling the demands of both family and professional life at once, Be patient and take heart, both Mercury and the moon are fast moving bodies, and the challenges should pass quickly.


If you’ve been working on a home related project, you can use the ten days following this full moon to wrap things up.


Mercury conjoins the sun on the 8th of October in your career sector. News is likely to be headed your way near this date. If  you need to give a lecture, training, or presentation or conduct any kind of academic research, the sun will give your mental powers a boost of energy–and optimism.


Venus squares off with Saturn the same day, so be sure to take care of your health near this date. Take simple preventive measures like washing your hands with soap and water, instead of simply relying on hand sanitizers (which don’t work on viruses) and keeping your hands away from your face. The last thing you need right now is to find yourself stuck in bed with a sore throat.


Be careful of getting drawn in to a verbal power struggle in your professional life near the 9th. Make sure you’re not simply reacting out of ego–ask yourself if it’s worth the risk to you reputation to wage a public battle for control or influence.

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Venus makes her ingress into sidereal Virgo and your career sector on the 10th, bringing a degree of harmony to your professional sphere for three and 1/2 weeks. Professional collaborations or joint projects are likely to be the best way for you to move your career aspirations forward during this time.


On the 11th Mars and Saturn square off, with Mars throwing punches from your long distance travel and communication sector. When these two go at it, Saturn comes out the winner–he is patience and restraint, wisdom and experience, whereas Mars is hotheaded, impulsive, and rash. Pay attention to the lessons Saturn the cosmic drill sergeant wants you to learn near this date. Behaving like Mars will only get you reigned in and that is likely to chafe at fiery Sagittarius.


Practice patience, forethought and considered action instead and by the 12th Saturn may send good news your way.


Both Mercury and Mars change signs on the 14th, with Mercury moving into Libra and Mars joining Venus next door in Virgo. Mercury’s three week stay in your social sector brings news from a friend and the chance to reconnect and catch up.

Mars’ visit to Virgo will last about twice that long–six weeks–in your 10th House of career, fame, and achievement. This is a fantastic opportunity to take action toward your professional goals–you’ll be able to make quite a bit of headway during this time if you’re willing to take initiative and be proactive. Remember, forethought and considered action are Saturn’s lessons for Mars and the consistent application of both will make any action you take far more effective.

Make a Donation

“A social activity or cause you and a partner are jointly involved in may transform your relationship in some way”

On the 15th Mercury faces off with Uranus, the planet of surprises and unexpected events. You could receive unexpected accolades for a creative work. Alternatively, a lover or child could react unpredictably to career news you receive near this day, as a few examples.


Near the 16th you may be privately offered sage advice from a mentor or other advisor, likely someone older or more experienced than you.


The sun ventures into Libra on the 17th for his annual four week stay in your 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dreams. During this period your identity is defined more by your role as friend to others in your social sphere, or by your role within organizations, clubs or associations to which you may belong.


During this transit you may even make new friends, or step into service with a charity or humanitarian organization committed to ideals of justice or equality, beauty, or harmony.


Watch for news again on the 18th, when Mercury, the planet of communication, meets up with your ruler, Jupiter, for their annual meeting, this time in your 11th House of hopes and dreams. You could hear good news about an aspiration close to your heart.

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Uranus’s unpredictable nature colors the 19th when the sun opposes him from your 11th House. A situation may suddenly arise related to a creative project, romantic interest, or child if you have one.


Jupiter is still widely opposed to Uranus, so you may still have some benefit from his protective effect to shield you from Uranus’ erratic behavior.


All of this activity happens in the lead up to the new moon in Libra October 19th, activating your 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dreams.


This new moon opens up an opportunity for you to consciously put Jupiter to work for you in the coming ten months as he transits your house of hopes and dreams. Venus, the minor benefic, is the ruler of this new moon so we look to her for insight as to the final outcome, which happens six months from now at the full moon in Libra March 2018.


Venus is unaspected, which means we really can’t know whether the outcome is ultimately helpful or challenging but you do have the luckiest day of the year coming up on the 26th to make your initiation. The sun will conjoin your ruler that day, blessing the 25th and 26th as two very lucky days which you can use to your advantage.


By making your initiation on a long held hope or dream on either of these days, you have the opportunity to build Jupiter’s blessing and protection into your endeavors, tipping the odds in your favor for a beneficial outcome.


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Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to arrive (or make your own if you don’t see one), set your intentions for the outcome at the new moon on the 19th, and then take your first steps toward it on the 25th or 26th.


Now let’s backtrack to the 24th, when Mercury sends a special missive to Neptune in your 3rd House of travel and communication. A friend could be a source of inspiration for a writing project, or perhaps be an enjoyably articulate traveling companion on a trip somewhere lovely nearby.


On the 27th, you may encounter resistance to your authority from a professional partner, enlist a friend to mediate if you need assistance coming to an agreement.

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