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Career activity is in focus during the first week of October, dear Scorpi0, and that’s good news for you. Demonstrating initiative near the 1st could prove advantageous to your wallet. This may be because you help break new ground in an existing employment situation, or because you went off in search of something new at the new moon in September and made your own change

The action begins on the first when Mars in your career sector sends a greeting to Pluto, your ruler, currently in your 2nd  house of earned income.


Two days later Venus follows suit, suggesting a business partnership or joint venture may be in the offing, as she’s due to conjoin Mars in your 10th House of career and achievement at the full moon October 5th.


The full moon in sidereal Pisces could signal a relationship with a romantic interest or a child (if you have one) is approaching the end of one stage, in preparation to begin the next at the next new moon in this part of your chart, six months from now. Watch for signs within +/- four days of October 5th. Alternatively, if you’ve been working on a creative endeavor, use the ten days following the full moon to put the finishing touches on your project.


On the 8th, Mercury conjoins the sun for their once-yearly meeting, this time in your 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dreams. You could receive special news related to a long held hope or dream near this date, or you could hear from a friend who is important to you. Mercury rules your 11th House, and he’s here to deliver news to you personally.


Venus squares off with Saturn the same day, and you may be expected to step up to handle a commitment or responsibility to a professional partner. If so, it’s likely to be challenging work, as Saturn is currently transiting your solar 1st House (representing the physical body).

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You could find yourself caught in a power struggle with a friend near the 9th, when both Mercury and the sun, still conjoined, send a challenge to your ruler, Pluto, in your 2nd House of income and possessions. You could get into it with a friend about an expenditure or who controls a possession, or you could find out the news you receive related to your long held hope has a significant expense attached, for instance.


Venus enters sidereal Virgo and your solar 11th House of friends, organizations, hopes and dreams on the 10th, beginning a three and 1/2 week stay. Venus will bring harmony, enjoyment and pleasure to your social sector while she’s here.


You could have a hard time expressing yourself and what you’re truly feeling near this time, That may get easier by the 12th.


Expect to be busy doing more demanding work on the 11th, too, when Mars catches up to challenge Saturn in your 1st House. Be sure to take extra care of your body while you’re working so hard, and get enough rest, too.

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“You could receive special news related to a long held hope or dream, or you could hear from a friend who is important to you.”

Mercury and Mars both change signs on the 14th; Mercury makes the first move into sidereal Libra for a three week stay in your 12th House of privacy and seclusion, signally the possibility of private talks, secret negotiations, or simply the opportunity for introspection and journaling.


Later in the day Mars moves to join Venus in Virgo, touring your social sector for the following six weeks. The next month and a half could see your social life get a lot busier than it has been for some time.


Mercury opposes erratic Uranus the very next day, possibly bringing unexpected news regarding a partner. You may be dealing with a sudden turn of events behind closed doors, or you may uncover a secret, though with protective Jupiter in such close proximity to Mercury, it’s likely this is good news, or at minimum that you have a fortunate set of circumstances arise to assist you in dealing with it.

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On the 17th the sun enters sidereal Libra for his annual visit to your 12th House of privacy, seclusion, secrets, and the unconscious mind for a four week stay. You likely find yourself alone or withdrawn from the public eye during this time, and for secretive Scorpio that may be just the way you like it.

You’ll know more about the reason for this when Jupiter delivers his big news the next day, on the 18th. Mercury teams up with him in your 12th House to bring you what’s likely to be massively good news in private that day.


Whatever news this is, it’s likely to be totally unexpected, with Uranus throwing his unpredictable influence into the mix from your partnership sector. This will be totally out of the blue and most likely to involve a business partner or committed long term relationship. Alternatively, if you have a roommate, it could be related to that relationship instead.


All of this transpires just in time for the new moon in Libra, highlighting your very most private life. If it turns out to be a big opportunity for you to begin a new solo project, the best time to begin is coming up on the 25th and 26th, the two luckiest days of the year. The sun will conjoin Jupiter exact on the 26th, with an influence of two days, and if you make your initiation or take the very first steps during these two days you build Jupiter’s blessings into your endeavors.


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Backing up just a bit to the 24th of October, you could receive news about a home, family or property matter. If you’ve been looking for your dream home or apartment, its possible you’ll find it, or you could be privy to information no one else has access to just yet about a piece of real estate or a family matter, possibly involving one or both parents.


Then, on the 27th, Venus in your social sector squares off with Pluto, your ruler, in your 2nd House of wealth and possessions. If you find yourself in the position of having to spend big bucks on a social engagement, a silent benefactor could be in a position to help. Alternatively, a private conversation could result in a pay increase, and if you are social friends with a coworker it could be a source of friction when they find out.

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