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Taurus Sun
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If you’re relying on financial help from an outside source to tackle a home or family related matter, whether that’s a loan, insurance or just some help from an authority figure with access to resources you don’t, then watch for activity in the first week of October.

On the 1st, Mars trines Pluto from your home and family sector, kick-starting the action. Two days later, Venus does the same, bringing value and beauty into the mix, just before she conjoins Mars on the 5th.


The full moon October 5th in Pisces highlights your 11th House of hopes and dreams. If you’ve been taking steps to bring a long hope or dream to fruition, work to wrap up the final details in the ten days following this full moon. Alternatively a friendship or your role in an organization could be coming to an end, within +/- four days.


Mercury conjoins the sun on the 8th, a day when optimism and an intellect are a powerful combination for creative work. You could make a declaration of love, or put the finishing touches on a creative writing project for instance.


A home or family related matter could get hung up on a partner’s buy-in though, and you’ll need to examine whether you have a responsibility to your partner which you need to meet. It’s possible this partner is an older or more mature person.


Near the 9th you may have to straighten out an issue with a VIP who has control over the resources you need to access, an obstacle you will likely have to face in order to move forward or win their assistance. You may need to persuade a romantic partner or you may have to discuss matters regarding a child, or even a creative project of a more artistic type.

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Venus, your ruler, enters sidereal Libra on the 10th of October, marking the beginning of a three and 1/2 week long period when your attention will be on matters of the heart, creative passion projects, or children.


Near the 11th Saturn has you immobilized and with your hands tied you’ll find it difficult to take action on a home or family matter. Saturn wants you to learn patience and responsibility, and if you don’t he’ll obstruct your path or delay your progress until you learn his lessons.  


If you’re waiting for word from a partner, it will likely come near the 12th, so hold your horses until then–Saturn will finally be smiling if you can be patient long enough.  

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“Watch for an opportunity to expand your role at work, or perhaps to regain vibrant, rigorous health in the coming year.”

Mercury enters Libra on the 14th ushering in a three week long period of communication activity in your work and health sector.


With Jupiter’s presence here and a new moon coming up you’ve had a lot of busy work on your plate, yet soon you’ll need to make room for more.


Mars enters Virgo same day, bringing passion and initiative to your 5th House of romance, creativity, and children for a six week long adventure. If you have a creative project you’ve been wanting to take action on you can make great strides in the coming six weeks.


Surprise news is possible from your work and health sector near the 15th. You make get a wake-up call to take care of your health, or an out-of-the-blue announcement from an employer is possible. Whatever it is it’s something that you won’t see coming.


You could make a partnership commitment near the 16th, and it would likely be a long-term arrangement if so.

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On the 17th, the sun moves into Libra and your sixth house of work and health for his annual four week visit. That surprise work or health related news just a few days prior could mean changes to your daily routine or that you are now being asked to assume a new role at work, or to focus on your health for the coming four weeks. Alternatively, you may be dealing with matters related to a pet or employees if you have them.


On the 18th, Mercury conjoins Jupiter, signaling big news on the work, health or pets front, just in time for the new moon in Libra.


Watch for an opportunity to expand your role at work, or perhaps to regain vibrant, rigorous health in the coming year. Act on this opportunity on the 25th or 26th, the luckiest days of 2017.


This new moon opens up an opportunity for you to consciously put Jupiter to work for you in the coming ten months as he transits your 6th House of work, health and daily routines. Venus, the minor benefic, is the ruler of this new moon so we look to her for insight as to the final outcome, which happens six months from now at the full moon in Libra March 2018.


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Venus is unaspected, which means we really can’t know whether the outcome is ultimately helpful or challenging but you do have the luckiest days of the year coming up on the 25th  and 26th to make your initiation.  


By making your initiation on a work related project, health initiative or adopting a new and beneficial habit on either of these days, you have the opportunity to build Jupiter’s blessing and protection into your endeavors, tipping the odds in your favor for a positive outcome. 


Finally, on the 27th, relations and communications with an authority figure or VIP with control over resources you need could be tense, especially if a child or romantic partner is involved. You may be able to smooth things over.

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