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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

October 2018 Forecast

Monthly Details

Sun in Virgo
September 17th – October 18th

October 6th
Mercury enters Libra
October 15th
Jupiter enters Scorpio
October 18th
Sun enters Libra
October 27th
Mercury enters Scorpio

October 8th
New Moon 20° 48′ Virgo
October 24th
Full Moon 6° 13′ Aries

Dates of Note
October 5th
Venus stations retrograde
October 15th
Mercury conjoins Venus Rx
October 15th
Sun conjunct Venus Rx
October 29th
Mercury conjoins Jupiter

October 2018 Overview – Sidereal Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to Mystick Physick Astrology, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective.


Be sure to read for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use our easy online sidereal calculator to find out for free.


October opens on the heels of Pluto’s return to direct motion, just as Venus prepares for her own retrograde in Libra. Retrograde Pluto wrought internal changes and transformations, and now retrograde Venus arrives to help us reevaluate our new circumstances and develop new priorities.

Mercury square Pluto


Be watchful of your words near the 2nd of October, as they have the power to destroy just as much as to create. If you’re traveling, you could experience travel disruptions related to customs or other travel authorities.


Venus stations retrograde


On the 5th, Venus begins a 6 week long retrograde in Libra, an event which happens approximately every 18 months–unlike the more familiar Mercury retrograde, which happens 3 – 4 times a year.


Venus will backtrack across her trip through Libra returning to direct motion right at the cusp, at 0 degrees, come November 15th. We can find ourselves reconsidering decisions we’ve made since the early days of September, or having second thoughts about purchases, investments, and joint matters as Venus retraces her steps.


Venus is at home in Libra, and her stay there will present an opportunity to reevaluate relationships and partnerships of all types and recenter around what’s truly important. We may shed connections which no longer serve us and strengthen ties with those who are most important to us.


This is an excellent time to reassess business arrangements and explore ways to amend those which are no longer profitable or equitable.


Retrograde is a weakened condition, and while reviewing what you’ve done can be a great way yo use the retrograde, trying new things isn’t wise–especially radically new looks, hairstyles, clothing–especially luxury goods or anything for your appearance such as makeup, jewelry or accessories.


Save all those things for when Venus is at full strength, and–preferably–transiting your rising sign, just after a well supported new moon in the same sign.


Don’t start new businesses, relationships or other partnerships either–wait until Venus is direct again, sometime after mid November.


Mercury enters Libra


Mercury moves into Libra the next day, October 6th, just in time to lend mental energy and attention to our reevaluations. Regardless of what area of life we’re re-examining, the ability to objectively interpret whatever metrics we’re using as our yardstick for results will be critical to our success.


If you need to, make notes of whatever thoughts come up for you during the coming three weeks while Mercury makes his way through Libra. You may find they offer insight into your changing priorities.


New Moon in Virgo


The October 8th new moon in Virgo opens a path to health and healing through reconnecting with healthy, nourishing foods, with healthful daily exercise habits, through reconnecting with nature and the natural world, through gardening, and through creative trades and crafts, especially those involving weaving and fiber arts.  


We feel more inclined to be practical right now, find comfort in being organized and productive, and express our emotions by tending to our loved ones especially through nursing, cooking, and providing hearty good food and a warm, dry hearth.


There is, however, an underlying possibility of unexpected news, travel accidents, or other surprises caught up in the energy of this new moon, with rebellious and unpredictable Uranus opposing Mercury from fiery Aries.

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Venus square Mars


On the 10th, Venus and Mars square off from their cardinal positions in Libra and Capricorn. Venus is retrograde in her approach, reactivating September’s initial square between the two.


Think back to the days between September 6th through 14th, as to whether any conflict, confrontation, or competition came up between you and a partner of any kind, or even a rival; or to any decision or preference you had to state–you may be rehashing that conflict due to an unfair resolution, or re-evaluating your choice in the face of new or revised options as Venus looks for a rematch.


Sun square Pluto


The sun and Pluto duke it out on the 11th, pitting us against authority figures and people of greater influence and stature. Power struggles can ensue, and justice and fairness are on the side of authority in this case–to the detriment of any seeking to deceive or divert attention from the truth near this date.


Mercury sextile Saturn


A promise made on the 12th is a promise for keeps–if you sign a contract or make a commitment near this date, you’ll likely be in it for the long haul.


Mercury conjunct retrograde Venus, Jupiter enters Scorpio


Retrograde Venus meets up with Mercury on the 12th of October, the same day Jupiter moves into sidereal Scorpio for a yearlong stay in the sign of regeneration and transformation.


When retrograde Venus and Mercury meet up, it’s most likely to reminisce about exes over hot coffee, wine, or whatever’s on tap. Okay, so maybe there’s that one who got away–but we can more wisely use this time to figure out our relationship priorities and decide what it is we really want out of our partnerships of all kinds.


Jupiter’s time in Scorpio can bring opportunities for growth in the house Scorpio rules in your sidereal natal chart. Be sure to read your October Full Horoscope by Sign to get a clearer picture of how that may affect you, and remember to read for both your rising sign and your sun sign for a fuller understanding.


Sun enters Libra


The sun arrives in Libra on the 18th, emphasizing a resurgence of need for cooperative efforts, a need for equity and fairness in dealing with each other. Putting our energy into Venus’ retrograde chore of reevaluating what’s important given our  current circumstances and leveraging Mercury’s assistance to make a well considered decision are truly the best uses of our time through mid November.  


The coming four weeks favor classic design and tasteful styles–we may want to surround ourselves with pleasing decor and furnishings, or dress smart or fashionably while the sun tours Libra, but taking risks with our appearance or with other adornments is dicey at best while Venus is retrograde. Stick to the tried and true for the short term, you can spice it up a bit in time for the New Year.


Mercury square Mars, Mercury trine Neptune


Disagreements are possible near the 19th when Mercury and Mars square off. Forgiveness and self sacrifice can go a long way toward establishing a compromise.


Mercury sextile Pluto


Words can be wielded with grace and authority to communicate big ideas when Mercury and Pluto make a friendly connection across the heavens on the 22nd. Use this day to give a talk or make an announcement, especially if your aim is to galvanize others into action.

Sun opposed Uranus


Surprises and accidents are possible near the 23rd when the sun and Uranus face off across the heavens. Unpredictable behavior and unexpected disruptions can arise under this influence.


Full Moon in Aries, retrograde Venus sextile Saturn


The feisty full moon in Aries is amplified by Uranus’ close conjunction and stirs our competitive impulses. Those with the courage to face challenges head on near the 24th will fare best.


Use the days near October 24th to reevaluate your long term goals and priorities and to get clear about your commitment to the larger vision. Do you know where you stand? Do you know what your principles are?


Be daring, visionary, and radical in your pursuit of fairness, equality, and accountability.


Sun conjunct retrograde Venus


The way we treat each other is in the spotlight October 26th and especially whether each partner’s contributions and concerns are given equal weight in joint dealings. Legal decisions could be  overturned on appeal as Venus retrogrades across the sun in her home of Libra and Uranus joins in from his position across the zodiac, in Aries.


At the same time, we can reinvent all the rules for societal discourse to reflect the way we want to interact–in cooperation, in harmony, with equitable treatment for all.


Mercury enters Scorpio, Sun sextile Saturn


Mercury moves into secretive Scorpio for an extended stay–nearly 10 weeks–on the 27th of October. In fact, Mercury will enter the shadow of his upcoming November 16th retrograde at the same time he changes signs.


Scorpio is a deeply intimate sign, and has rulership over our psychological nature, sex, secrets and investigations. Mercury’s time here could be well used for psychological exploration and emotional healing, reexamining research, audits, and investigating cold cases, and letting go of grudges.


Take some time to prepare for Mercury’s retrograde before it arrives and you can have a much smoother experience. Check out the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide for free tips on what you can to to prepare and how you can more easily navigate the weeks to come.


The sun and Saturn engage in friendly conversation the same day, October 27th. Mentors and older friends or colleagues can offer the wise and more experienced assistance we need if we are willing to seek them out.


Mercury conjunct Jupiter


Good news is possible on the 29th of October, when Jupiter, the planet of luck, meets up with messenger Mercury in sidereal Scorpio. Check your sidereal natal chart for a planet or point at 3 degrees of Scorpio or a water sign to see if you will be strongly affected. If you’ve been researching or investigating, you could have a big break near the 29th and find what you’ve been looking for.


Venus opposed Uranus


Finally on the 31st Venus and Uranus pair off again in the planetary dance, reactivating the events or themes of their last opposition on the 12th of September, when we were so tempted to rebel against traditional value systems impressed upon us by external forces rather than extending from our own inner moral compass. We can use this opportunity to reevaluate our ethical priorities on the advent of social change.


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Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world. For sidereal or tropical consultations, personal readings, or to learn more, visit

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You could hear news which involves or affects a partner quite unexpectedly near the new moon October 8th. Alternatively, what you hear could involve a business or joint venture, or you could be involved in business negotiations. The new moon can open a path for you to actively pursue good health through diet, exercise, and other self care practices. The full moon later in the month could turn out to be unexpectedly emotional. Reach for your courage at this full moon and you’ll find it. Watch the days near October 24th.


The new moon October 8th activates your 5th House of romance and true love, dear Taurus. A likely fan of long term relationships yourself, you can appreciate a romantic streak. Enjoy a spontaneous date with a lover or surprise them in some way–you could help with the household chores, or cook up a hearty meal. Then, watch near the full moon October 25th for private career talks to come up suddenly. A female boss or coworker could come to you about a professional rival, for instance. Whatever comes up is likely to be totally unexpected. Alternatively, if you’ve been working on a solo project or working behind closed doors, your efforts may be coming to a culmination right now, and the results are likely to be quite unpredictable.


A child, lover, or friend could surprise you near the October 8th new moon in Virgo, activating your solar 4th House of home and family. You might feel the urge to share something important to you with someone close. Put a gold star on the 29th, the luckiest day of the year for you, when Jupiter meets up with you ruler, Mercury, in your solar 6th House. Expect good news at the office near that date. If you’re extended a last minute social invitation near the October 24th full moon in Aries, take it–your spontaneity could make you a new friend. Alternatively, get involved in a cause and show your support near the full moon.


The October 8th new moon in Virgo brings a local travel opportunity perhaps, or news from a sibling, extended family, or possibly involving a neighbor or your community. You can plan a last minute trip to visit family nearby, or unexpectedly host company at your own home. Then at the full moon your career is highlighted in unexpected ways. You could experience an unexpected reversal of fortune in some way related to your reputation, status, or professional life. While Uranus isn’t subject to more challenging planetary contacts right now, we normally look to the ruler of the full moon to determine its final outcome, and Mars–as ruler of this full moon–is largely unaspected and therefore unpredictable in his influence. This full moon could go either way.


Travel opportunities and unexpected news could prove lucrative in the days near the October 8th new moon in Virgo. If an opportunity comes up suddenly you may have to make a last minute decision–but that decision could pay off in unexpected ways. The full moon October 24th lights your 9th House of international affairs, a fantastic time to launch a book, film or show, to make closing arguments in a legal case, complete a course of study, or to take a trip to somewhere far away. Erratic Uranus is caught up in this full moon, adding an unpredictable element to any of those outcomes.


It’s your birthday new moon, dear Virgo, that special, once-a-year opportunity to set an intention for manifesting anything you want. Just don’t make any major updates to your appearance or wardrobe right now. Rather, consider hitting thrift stores for designer pieces in classic styles, or sticking with tried and true pieces from your own wardrobe. You can also clear outdated looks from your closet to free up space and make extra cash in time for the holidays. Then, at the full moon in Aries October 24th, financial surprises are possible. You could finally hear about a loan application, or an insurance claim, or you could get news of a legal decision on a support payment or receive a bill for debt of some kind.

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You could come into an surprise opportunity to begin a solo project near the new moon October 8th, dear Libra. If you do, it may be one that involves private negotiations, or perhaps writing about business, money, or relationship matters. Later, at the full moon in Aries October 24th, a partner could behave erratically. Emotional outbursts are possible, so take the time to hear each other out if tempers flare. You could be putting the final touches on a joint project near this time, and one or the both of you may be feeling impatient for the end.  


If someone from your workplace shares a secret near the October 8th new moon, you’ll want to hold it in highest confidence. Doing so could earn you a new friend. Then, at the full moon October 24th a work related project may be coming to a conclusion. Alternatively, there could be a risk of accident or injury or some other health crisis, if other factors support it. Be proactive by taking extra time for safety precautions wherever necessary, especially if you work with or near electricity or explosive materials.


A career opportunity could arise in the days around the October 8th new moon in Virgo. You might consider joining a club or other social group at the urging of a child or love interest in your life. Spontaneous fun or taking a calculated risk could earn you a new friend. Do something fun and spontaneous with a child or lover in your life near the full moon in your solar 5th house of creativity and romance on October 24th. Alternatively, take a creative risk and prepare yourself for an unexpected outcome.


A travel opportunity could come up suddenly in the days around October 8th, or you could impulsively decide to pursue higher education or a legal matter, or even begin a publishing or broadcasting effort such as writing a novel or screenplay. You could have a surprise visit from a female friend or family member near the full moon October 24th, or even be called on at the last minute to unexpectedly play host to a lady visitor. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the spontaneity.


Watch for financial news near the 8th of October, especially news from a great distance or from a foreign person or place. You could find yourself traveling unexpectedly near this date, though you’ll want to keep room in your itinerary to accommodate the potential for travel disruptions. Then, at the October 24th full moon in Aries, you could undergo an extremely emotional experience. You’re typically quite rational, but this full moon is likely to affect you directly. A sibling or extended family member may be involved, or even a neighbor. Watch near the full moon for your news. Alternatively, you could have a genius creative insight that propels you to finish a writing project, marketing campaign, or story you’ve been working on in the days near October 24th.


Your partner could come in to a financial windfall of some sort near the new moon in Virgo October 8th. An unexpected expense could come up, as another possibility. Watch for financial surprises near the full moon October 24th, too–only this time the surprises are more likely to be yours than a partner’s. With  Uranus involved and the ruler of the full moon, Mars, unaspected it’s impossible to predict whether the outcome will hurt or help you. You could face an unexpected expense or an unanticipated raise with equal likelihood.

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