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Cancer Sun
Cancer Rising

Mars opposes Pluto early in the month from your 12th House of privacy and seclusion. You may be hosting bigwigs at your work place at the same time you’re working diligently on a very important project in private. Alternatively, something about your work, your work environment, or your work circumstances may be undergoing a transformation of some sort.

A career surprise could trigger an added expense and possibly an increase in salary to go with it near the 2nd.


The 3rd brings more surprise financial news, so steel yourself. Nothing that comes will be anything you could’ve anticipated.


Neptune gives his secrets away near the 5th, and you can find out what’s been holding you back.


Mercury stations direct the same day in your 2nd House of earned income. If you’ve been waiting to hear about a new position or a raise, you may finally get your news.


All this happens just at the full moon in Aquarius in your 8th House of other people’s money, so if you have a loan or tax obligation coming due your financial news may be just in time.


The 6th brings the full moon in Aquarius and helpful assistance from a VIP at work.


Career surprises are possible at this full moon, though a neighbor or sibling maybe a help or a hindrance–it’s a wild-card chance either way.

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An influential VIP at work is a source of help on an income matter near the 9th.


The 12th could see you celebrating your good fortune with a sweetheart or child. Alternatively, you could financially commit to a long-term creative project or romantic relationship.


On the 15th, Venus sends a kiss to Jupiter as she moves into your financial sector for the coming three and a half weeks. Cast your lot with partners in the coming through weeks as you stand to profit by them.


Mercury conjoins Mars on the 16th, meaning you will likely find yourself at the center of a whirlwind of communication just as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, makes his way into Libra and your 4th House of home and family.

“If you’ve been waiting to hear about a new position or a raise, you may finally get your news.”

The sun enters Virgo on the 17th, and for the coming four weeks you’ll likely find your role is one of sibling, neighbor, traveler or communicator.


A financial secret or mistake could come to light near the 19th, affecting your financial well-being and possibly a financial obligation you have with a lender, tax assessor, or the like.


The new moon in Virgo on September 20th opens a path in your 3rd House of travel and communication, suggesting you are about to enter a new phase with a sibling, neighbor, writing or communication project, or travel situation. You could begin carpooling with a neighbor, instance, or begin writing a column for local publication, website or blog as a few examples.


If you’ve been wanting to take a trip locally, begin planning your itinerary and making arrangements.


An influential VIP or authority at work could be a source of good news near the 22nd, dear Cancer.


Unclear terms on a loan, insurance, or inheritance agreement could cost you money near the 24th.

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News from a sibling or neighbor may be hard for a loved one or child to hear, and they may need your help with handling the news.


Jupiter has some surprises to announce on the 27th, triggering unexpected events in your career which increase your appreciation of home and family.


Mercury moves into Virgo also on the 27th, marking a three and a half week tour of your 3rd House of siblings and neighbors. Expect a flurry of communication activity over the coming three weeks.


On the 28th Pluto, ruler of your 5th House of romance and creativity, goes direct for the first time in five months.


If you’ve been experiencing a complete transformation of your romantic life or creative process, you’ll enter a phase of rebirth and renewal now.

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