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Gemini Sun
Gemini Rising

September opens with unexpected activity in your social and sibling sectors.

The 3rd could bring surprise news, you may be caught off guard by a friend, neighbor, or sibling.


Then on the 5th, Neptune delivers news that you’ve been needing and not had access to.


Mercury, your ruler, stations direct the same day in your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors, travel and communication. A situation involving a neighbor, sibling, or cousin which has been stalled will finally kick into gear in the coming weeks.


Spontaneous social activity could pull you away from family time or vice versa, do your best to find balance between the needs of both.


The full moon in Aquarius the next day, September 6th, lights your 9th House of international affairs.  You can complete a course of study, take a trip to somewhere far away, or otherwise experience a culture vastly different from your own.


Alternatively, if you’ve been involved in a legal dispute, you can finally receive a judgment. Although, with Mercury retrograde it may not be as favorable as you’d hoped.

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An influential partner in love or business could be a source of good news near the 9th.


Good news about your work, health, or pets is possible near the 12th, despite any challenges you face.


The 15th could bring good financial news as Venus, just about to leave your financial sector, sends a lovely beam to Jupiter, just about to leave your home and family sector. You have a fantastic opportunity to add a valuable and attractive new addition to your home.


Venus enters Leo the same day, beginning a three and a half week tour of your 3rd House of neighbors, siblings, travel, and communication.


You could partner up with a neighbor or sibling on a short-term project in the coming weeks.

“Single Gemini have the best prospects of all the signs to find love in the coming year.”

On the 16th Jupiter makes his entry into Libra in your 5th House of romance, creativity, and children. You’re entering a highly creative period in 12 months, dear Gemini.


Now is an excellent time to begin making those creative plans into a reality; avoid getting into arguments on this day though.


Single Gemini have the best prospects of all the signs to find love in the coming year.


The sun enters Virgo on the 17th, beginning a four-week trend of family related interest.


Venus in your 3rd House of communication extends an invitation to Uranus in your 11th House of friendship, also on the 17th. You could team up with a sibling or neighbor for social event or activity, and you’d likely have a good time. Alternatively, a sibling, neighbor or cousin could make a notable social introduction.

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This 33 page guide is filled with everything you need to know to rock any retrograde!


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The new moon in Virgo lights your 4th House of Home and Family, suggesting you’re about to enter a new phase of family activity, enter a new living arrangement, or a new experience as a property owner.


Information which was hidden could come out  near the 19th, making a situation more clear, or the truth could come out, revealing a deception of some kind.


You could get good news from an influential partner in love or business near the 22nd.


Whatever it is you learn near the 24th and 25th, you may not be able to discuss or act on at the moment. Sit tight.


Jupiter is about to announce and some out-sized surprises of his own near the 27th,  so wait to act until this news is delivered, otherwise you won’t have all the information you need.


Mercury enters Virgo the same day, September 27th, touring his natural home for the coming three weeks.


Pluto, ruler of your solar 6th House of work and health, stations direct on the 28th. Your ability to reinvent yourself at work and to rejuvenate your health only get stronger in the days and weeks to come.

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