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Leo Sun
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Surprises mark the start of September, dear Leo, and with Uranus, the planet of accidents and sudden events, catching a beam from Mars, the planet of conflict and aggression, while he tours your 9th House of long distance travel and communication, it suggests you take every precaution while traveling, dear Leo, and not even that can protect you from every possible scenario when Uranus is involved

Alternatively, you may need to be cautious with your words in communicating with those distant from you early in the month, whether geographically, philosophically, or ideologically.


Unexpected financial news is possible on the 3rd, when Mercury, the planet of communication, conjoins Mars, the planet of action and initiative, in your 2nd House of earned income.


A partner could reveal the secret or discover hidden information which affects you directly near the 5th.


Mercury stations direct in Leo the same day, triggering a shift to forward momentum on a highly personal matter.


The full moon in Aquarius highlights or 7th House of partnership — a joint project is coming to a conclusion or reaching and with stage of evolution.


A secret could come out at this full moon or information which may have been hidden or obscure to suddenly revealed. Whatever this information is, it’s a result of or has a direct effect on your partnership situation

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A sexy day for single Leo’s with a romantic interest, partner up on the 9th to take advantage of the magnetism.


The 12th is a day of hard work on the home front. You could find yourself and endlessly advocating for your property–ask any questions you need to.


Venus enters Leo on the 15th for three week tour of your 1st house of self-expression, image and appearance, and the physical body.


This is a wonderful time to update your hair, makeup or wardrobe to smashing effect.

“This is a wonderful time to update your hair, makeup or wardrobe to smashing effect.”

On the 16, Jupiter enters Libra for a 12 month stay, bringing growth, expansion, and luck to your 3rd House of travel and communication, governing neighbors, siblings, and your immediate environment.


You may have to act swiftly due to a sudden expense or unexpected income earning opportunity on this day, however.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, sends a missive to Uranus, the planet of surprise, and your 9th House of international Affairs near the 17th. Your diplomatic nature could facilitate a cultural exchange.


The sun enters Virgo the same day, beginning a 4-week cycle of increased materialism when you could be identifying with your possessions and oriented around wealth, security, and acquisition more than is typical for you.


A secret could come out at this new moon, revealing new information about a partner, or a partner could could discover information which had previously been obscured or hidden.


At the new moon in Virgo an income opportunity arises within plus or minus 4 days.

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Another lovely day for romance or even for trans-formative creative projects or demonstrating your expertise on a hobby arises on the 22nd.


The risk of conflict over deception or misunderstanding is high near the 24th, be sure to get all the facts before you respond rather than allowing yourself a knee-jerk reaction.


Big surprises are possible on the 27th when Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, and Uranus, the planet of accidents and sudden events oppose each other from your travel and communication sectors. With Uranus involved, anything could come up, but be especially vigilant about travel and communication–though with Jupiter’s involvement acting to protect you, you may be pleasantly surprised.


Also on the 27th, Mercury enters Virgo and your 2nd House of earned income, delivering financial news.


Pluto, ruler of your solar 4th House of home and family, stations direct for the first time in 5 months on the 28th of September.


You may be ready for the next stage in a cohabitation arrangement, or you may be transforming your ideas around what you want or need in a living arrangement.

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