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Sagittarius Sun
Saggitarius Rising

If you’re traveling long distance near September 2nd you could experience instant attraction with a stranger or someone you meet. Single Sagittarius, if your goal is to meet someone, be sure to plan a getaway to increase your luck.

Unexpected news is possible too, regarding a loan, tax, insurance, or inheritance matter, or alternatively, regarding a bonus or commission.


You may be traveling long distance, pursuing higher education, or working on a publishing or broadcasting project near the 5th, when Neptune’s influence means you’re operating in the dark on some level closer to home. Something you are not yet aware of may be transpiring while your attention is on loftier matters.


Mercury stations direct the same day, September 5th, in your 9th House of international affairs. Whatever information Neptune has hidden from you, Mercury will help reveal later this month.


The full moon in Aquarius September 6th brings a travel or communication matter to a conclusion a little closer to home.


It’s possible neighbor, sibling, or cousin is involved. Perhaps a neighbor moves away, or sibling graduates, gets married, or retires, for example.

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You could increase your own natural charisma and authority by giving a presentation to an international audience near the 9th.


You may need a partner’s funds to meet a private obligation near the 12th.


A lucky career move could net you a nice bonus near the 15th, just before Venus enters Leo and your 9th House of international Affairs for three-week tour. The coming three weeks could demonstrate the value of cultural ideals foreign to you.


Mercury conjoins Mars in your 9th House the very next day, starting the party with news of an opportunity to travel, give a presentation, publish a manuscript, or pursue higher education.


Jupiter enters Libra the same day, beginning a year long tour of your friendship sector, a unique opportunity to pursue your long held hopes and dreams.

“Whatever information Neptune has hidden from you, Mercury will help reveal later this month.”

On the 17th, the sun enters Virgo for four week long visit of your 10th House of career, honors, and achievement. This is an opportunity for you to earn professional recognition for your contributions.


You may be delivering an important presentation, manuscript, or the lecture near the 19th when a lack of clarity a little closer to home competes for your attention. Or if you’re traveling, a secret or other hidden information could come out, drawing your attention to what’s happening in your absence.


The new moon in Virgo brings an opportunity in your 10th House of career. Watch for news within plus or minus four days. Likewise, if you’ve been wanting to pursue a career opportunity, take action within the next 10 days, the closer to the new moon, the better

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News from far away could prove influential on your self-image or self-expression, even, or a philosophical ideal could prove profoundly transformational near the 22nd.


You could be called into action on a moment’s notice to travel far away, give a presentation to an international audience, or to give a lecture or legal argument near the 24th.


Big surprises are possible in your love and friendship sectors near the 27th.


Mercury enters Virgo the same day, beginning of three-week-long transit of your 10th House of career, achievement, honors, and awards. Keep your ears peeled for news of opportunities to demonstrate your value.


Pluto, ruler of your solar 12th House of privacy and seclusion, stations direct in your 1st House of identity, appearance, self-expression, and the physical body on the 28th, after five long months retrograde. If you’ve been undergoing a physical transformation and felt stalled in the process, you will likely find it resumes in October now that Pluto returns to direct motion.

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