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Scorpio Sun
Scorpio Rising

September is a busy month for your career, dear Scorpio, though you’ll end up with an once yearly opportunity to take action toward a closely held dream of yours before it’s over.

Surprises at work give you the opportunity to demonstrate your mettle as the month begins, dear Scorpio.


Career activity is at a high point right now, and surprises abound all month long, keeping you on your toes at work.


Career news is possible the 3rd, keeping you busy in your professional life. You could be recognized for demonstrating initiative today. Your optimism and ability to communicate it to others paves the way for you professionally.


If alcohol, drug use, or other escapist behaviors or tendencies at home are affecting your professional performance or reputation, consider that it may be time to take action. It’s okay to seek help if you want to.


Mercury stations direct the same day, September 5th, in your 10th House of career, honors, awards, and achievement.


If current progress has seemed to slow or stymied in the past 3 weeks, you can expect that to change after today. Just take any necessary Mercury retrograde precautions near this day, as he can be particularly unpredictable at the beginning and the end of the retrograde.


The full moon in Aquarius highlights your 4th House of home and family. A family or property-related matter could be coming to an end within plus or minus four days. With Saturn transiting your 1st House, you may be putting in a great deal of hard work to complete it.

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Career recognition could include a significant pay increase near the 9th, when the sun and Pluto shake hands from your career and income sectors.


Hard work could earn you Kudos near the 12th, so any pay increase you do receive you’ll need to be willing to work for.


A generous friend could give your reputation a boost near the 15th, the same day Venus enters Leo for three and a half week tour of your career sector.


You’ll be in demand as a professional partner during this time, as Venus’s presence here will give you added magnetism and charisma.


Mercury conjoins Mars in your career sector on the 16th, so be prepared to take the initiative at a moment’s notice.


Jupiter enters Libra the same day, September 16th, marking the start of 12 month period of growth on your spiritual and private life.  You may spend more time withdrawing or in escapism, depending on how you put this transit to use. You have the potential for incredible spiritual growth and development in the coming year, if you use this energy wisely, dear Scorpio.

“You have the potential for incredible spiritual growth and development in the coming year, if you use this energy wisely, dear Scorpio.”

The sun moves into Virgo in your solar 11th House of friends and organizations on the 17th, introducing you to new social contacts and avenues to fulfill your deepest hopes and dreams over the coming four weeks.


A family secret could come out near the 14th, when Mercury, the planet of communication and currently in your public sector, stands at odds with Neptune, the planet of illusion, in your 4th House of home and family.


The new moon in Virgo on the 20th highlights an opportunity in your 11th House of hopes and dreams. You have an opportunity to take action toward fulfilling a long-held hope or dream, take action within the next 10 days to help your dream become reality.


Alternatively, you can make a new social contact or important introduction near this new moon.

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Good career news is possible near the 22nd, before Mercury moves on to your friendship sector later in the week. Your income could see a significant gain.


If your new paycheck comes with greater responsibility, you may have to meet that obligation near the 24th, when Mars demands action in your career sector but what you’d rather do is chill out with a movie at home.


Surprises abound on the 27th as Jupiter opposes Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, from your 12th house privacy and seclusion. Take care of your health and be sure to take steps to prevent accidents under transit such as this.


Mercury enters Virgo on the 27th, too, bringing the conversation to your friendship sector. You could hear from a friend and spend time catching up in the next three and a half weeks.


Pluto, your ruler, stations direct on the 28th after five long months retrograde.  If you found it hard to make progress over these past several months, know that will change as Pluto begins to pick up speed as we move into October.

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