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Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

2018 Forecast

Monthly Details

Sun in Leo
August 17th- September 17th

September 2nd
Venus enters Libra
Mercury enters Leo
September 17th
Sun enters Virgo
September 19th
Mercury enters Virgo

September 9th
New Moon 22° 00′ Leo
September 24th
Full Moon 6° 59′ Pisces

Dates of Note
September 6th
Saturn stations direct
September 20th
Mercury conjoins sun
September 30th
Pluto stations direct

September 2018 Overview – Sidereal Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to Sidereal Insights, every month we explore the astrology of the current planetary transits across the heavens from a western sidereal perspective. Be sure to read your sidereal monthly horoscope for your sidereal sun and rising sign, which may be different than the sign you’re accustomed to. Sidereal astrology is different from traditional tropical astrology, so your regular sun and rising signs may not apply in a sidereal reading or forecast.


If you need to look up your sidereal sign placements, use the easy online chart calculator to find out for free.


September marks a month of rapid fire astrological activity–a month of settling in, of adjusting to changes and to new circumstances and preparing to once again move forward.


We begin moving forward in new ways: with new knowledge, new understandings, new perspectives, and our forward direction may have a slightly–or dramatically–different trajectory than it did just a few scant months ago.


Eclipse season is winding down as September opens; Mercury and Mars have resumed direct motion, shortly to be joined by Saturn and before month’s end, Pluto.


Mars is still out of bounds and behaving radically, but with less inclination to overreact to delays and frustrations than he did when retrograde.


This is a month for acclimating ourselves and getting on with life as we now know it, for better or for worse.


Be patient with yourself and those around you, as we all adapt to change in our own way and at our own pace. Readers with a predominance of planets in fixed signs–Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius–will adapt the slowest of all, unlike those with more mutable placements such as Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, who find it easier to go with the flow.

Venus enters Libra, Mercury enters Leo


Early in the month Venus and Mercury both change signs, just before making friendly contact with each other.


Venus, due to retrograde beginning in October, will move into Libra on the 2nd for an extended stay–she’ll be there through the end of the year. Mercury, moving into Leo the same day, will spend less than three weeks in Leo before moving on.


Venus is at home in Libra, and her stay there will present an opportunity to emphasize partnership and cooperation, fairness, and equitable outcomes. Business is favored, as are the arts and  entertainment fields.


Mercury’s time in Leo is suited to creative expression through writing, spoken word performance, handicrafts, and heartfelt conversations with both lovers and children.


Mercury sextile Venus


When Mercury and Venus connect the very next day they’ll ease the way for generosity and cooperative communication in partnerships, and spur creative energies useful for writing, arts, and music. This is an excellent opportunity to come to accord in any area where agreement or compromise has been difficult to achieve in recent weeks.


Take the time to communicate your feelings to those most important to you September 3rd.


Saturn stations direct


Saturn, our taskmaster planet, resumes direct motion after September 6th, bringing an end to his four and 1/2 month long retrograde in sidereal Sagittarius.


Readers who followed my advice and used the retrograde to fulfill commitments and unmet obligations will be well situated to reap whatever rewards Saturn may bring for their diligence.


If you’ve neglected those responsibilities, however, Saturn will instead deliver consequences for you. He’ll be in Sagittarius until late January 2020, teaching lessons and requiring we grow up and demonstrate maturity, offering one final opportunity next year to go back and make things right.


Mercury trine Uranus Rx, Mercury trine Saturn, Sun opposed Neptune


Unexpected news could arrive near the 7th, when Mercury reaches out to retrograde Uranus from his current home in Leo.


Last minute travel opportunities or “happy accidents” are possible, as are sudden strokes of insight or genius when these two join forces. Creative projects, writing or communications may be re-energized or take an unusual turn unto unexplored territory near this date.


With Saturn involved, the opportunity is ripe to consider innovative ways achieving our goals and pursue them, and to replace old, outdated traditions with new and radical ideas. Change is here, it’s time to embrace it–and we’ll have an easier time doing so now than at any other time.


With the sun and Neptune at odds, our own disillusionment with the status quo may force us out of our comfort zone and make us more receptive to new ideas in the coming days.

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Venus square Mars


Passionate natures are revved up near the 7th and 8th as well, and flirting may well add fuel to the fire.


On the flip side, drive and ambition may trigger tension in relationships and joint ventures, although those same relationships may be the catalyst for achieving our goals.


Rebellious behavior or selfishness could hinder joint efforts in unanticipated ways, and a willingness to take action may be the proper way to resolve things. Compromise isn’t a dirty word, and drive and ambition may be the key to finding a solution which leads to both growth and achievement for all parties.


New moon in Leo


The new moon in Leo September 9th opens a door to new creative opportunities, especially if we’re willing to put ourselves ”out there” and be seen.


This Leo new moon brings with it incredible potential for major transformation and growth, and any initiation begun under its influence will hold within it a seed of that potential–it would be built into the very DNA of the endeavor, so to speak.


This opportunity is only far too easy to waste, so be conscious and intentional about using it.


Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun trine Pluto Rx


Just two scant days after the new moon–exactly when it is most advisable to take action toward your intention–the sun will sextile both Jupiter in Libra, the sign of harmony and beauty, and Pluto in Sagittarius, the sign of higher thinking and the expansive, enlightened mind.


Make it a priority to block out your schedule now and set aside time for taking action toward your goal on the 11th of September and you’ll have Jupiter’s blessings as well as the transformative and regenerative potential of Pluto powering the life of your undertaking, whatever it may be.


Jupiter sextile Pluto Rx, Venus opposed Uranus Rx, Venus sextile Saturn


The following day, September 12th, Jupiter and Pluto connect, creating possibilities for positive, helpful change which can trigger growth opportunities and personal transformation.


This combination creates an environment for change much less likely to trigger painful experiences, as Jupiter’s influence serves to protect us from Pluto’s more destructive nature.


Should we choose to seek out change with this transit, the transformation that comes will be internal as opposed to external, and more evident to ourselves than to others–a change in thinking, or in ways of seeing the world, or in understanding it.


We may discover a greater receptivity to what is different or “other”, and find that we can learn a great deal from that which seem foreign to us. Old, outdated or one-sided personal philosophies may meet their demise while newer, more balanced and expansive perspectives take their place.


Such change may come about suddenly and surprisingly, ignited by inner rebellion against traditional value systems impressed upon us by larger society. We may seek to establish more equitable value systems which recognize unique and diverse contributions to an otherwise individualistic and self-centered society.

Mercury opposed Neptune Rx


Secrets may come out near the 13th when Mercury is at odds with retrograde Neptune–something said publicly or shared on social media could come back to haunt.


Likewise, choose words carefully near this date, as thoughtless comments could be easily misconstrued.


Mercury trine Pluto Rx, Mercury sextile Jupiter


A potential for news or travel could come up near the 15th when Mercury and Pluto connect in fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius.


It may be that a past travel opportunity which fell through comes up again for discussion under new or changed circumstances, or that a person of influence has new information which has a direct bearing on the situation at hand.


This is especially likely for readers with a personal point or planet near the 23rd or 24th degree of a fire sign.


With Jupiter’s involvement the news is likely to be good, and any changes which result would be positive. For readers who need to make an appeal to an authority figure, now would be the time to petition for help.


Sun enters Virgo


The sun moves into realistic and practical Virgo on the 17th for a four week long stay, emphasizing real world results over daydreams and escapist tendencies through mid October.


Mars square Uranus Rx


Watch for the impulse to act on inner rebellious urges near the 18th when Mars tangles with retrograde Uranus in Aries–headstrong reactions aren’t likely to pay off near this date.


Likewise, try not to overreact in anger as such behavior could have unpredictable results.


Mercury enters Virgo


Mercury joins the Sun in Virgo on the 19th, where he’s at home evaluating, analyzing, organizing, and tidying up both thought processes and work spaces.


He’ll be in Virgo for a shorter than normal stay, only two and 1/2 weeks this time, with no new moon to really unlock his potential while he’s here–Mercury will have moved on to Libra before the October new moon in Virgo can open a window to putting this transit to good use.


Sun conjunct Mercury


On the 20th Mercury will meet up with the sun, one of several they’re having this year, so readers with sidereal Gemini or Virgo sun or rising signs will find this is an important day.


If you have neither, check your chart for bodies near 3 degrees Virgo as you may still receive news which affects you personally if you do.


Mercury square Saturn, Mercury trine Mars


Then on the 23rd Mercury will square off with Saturn, still close enough to the sun to give Virgo readers a personal challenge. Obstacles, restrictions or limitations could cause difficulties near this date.


Mars on the other hand may provide just the right outlet, so consider focusing efforts on ways to take constructive action on other, equally important ambitions. If Saturn insists you wait on one avenue of progress, look for others which may be more open to exploration.


Full moon in Pisces


The full moon on September 24th could bring an emotional ending to the forefront, possibly one which allows healing of some sort–physical or emotional healing, or the healing of an unconscious bias or belief, or even healing of a spiritual nature.


Sun square Saturn


Just after the full moon, the 25th has the potential to be a difficult day when Saturn challenges us to get real or face disappointment when we idealize things, situations, or people in ways that have no fundamental basis in truth.


Sun trine Mars


Practical action toward goals is favored on the 27th when the sun reaches out to Mars, a great time to put the finishing touches on any project left undone.


Pluto stations direct


Finally, on the the 30th, Pluto stations direct after a more than five month long retrograde spurring inner transformation. Watch the days near this date for significant happenings and take note of what transpires if you’re affected. Whatever comes up may relate to events late last April, signaling the beginning of the next stage of transformative change.


Be sure to visit for a more detailed monthly forecast and highly customized advice for every sign.


Phaedra Mitchell is a western sidereal astrologer with more than 20 years of experience working with spiritually conscious individuals to recognize their soul purpose, reveal karmic life lessons, and discover where they can be of joyful service in the world. For sidereal or tropical consultations, personal readings, or to learn more, visit

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The new moon September 9th brings a hugely powerful creative opportunity with it–you’ll want to watch the three days before and after for an opening to come up, or make your own opportunity by taking action–the 10th and 11th are ideal days to do so. Alternatively, if you’ve been considering having children you can use this new moon to try. Then at the full moon on the 24th put the finishing touches on a solo project and launch it into the world.


You could transform your living situation or a family dynamic with the new moon in Leo September 9th. Watch for an opportunity to arise within +/- 3 days, or take action in the days just after the new moon for best effect. A long held hope or dream could be coming to fruition later in the month, in the days near the September 24th full moon.


Big changes could be in store for your neighborhood or community in the wake of the September new moon, dear Gemini. Alternatively, those changes could impact your normal methods of transportation or communication. If you’re wanting to make a change in one of these areas you can use this new moon to do so. Alternatively, a neighbor or a sibling could be facing a major transition. Near the end of the month you’ll want to focus your efforts on finalizing and launching a professional project in time for the full moon on the 24th.


The new moon on the 9th activates your 2nd House of earned income in a profoundly transformative way. This is your best opportunity all year to increase your earning ability and transform your finances, so be sure to take action in the days just after the new moon. If an income opportunity arises in the days around the 9th, you’ll want to take advantage. Publish a book, give an interview, take a trip, wrap up a course of study or make your final arguments in a legal case with the late September full moon, in the days just after September 24th.


September marks your birthday new moon, dear Leo, and the coming year could be marked by personal transformation and growth. This is a powerful opportunity for change, and you may not recognize the person you become over the coming year–truly, this is a good thing. Dream big and take action towards that dream in the days just after September 9th. Money could be headed your way near the full moon in late September, but in this case it’s more likely to be a windfall, refund or inheritance rather than wages or salary. Alternatively, you could pay off a debt, or receive a loan if you’ve applied for one.


The new moon September 9th could mark the beginning of a spiritual metamorphosis for you, dear Virgo. Alternatively, you could use this powerful new moon to begin an important solo project. Make your start on the 10th or 11th of September for incredible results. Then, at the full moon, prepare to put the finishing touches on a joint project and launch it into the world.

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This new moon marks the most powerful opportunity you’ll have all year to chase your dreams, dear Libra, so make sure you take steps toward whatever that means for you in the days just after September 9th. Alternatively, you could make powerful and influential social connections at this time, so if you receive an invitation it may be in your best interest to accept. If not, try being out and about socially and see who you connect with. A work related project may enter the final stages in time for the September 24th full moon. Use the days just after the full moon to finalize details and wrap up loose ends.


Dust off and update your resume, dear Scorpio, as the September 9th new moon could be incredibly influential for your career, and you won’t want to waste the opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled for a path to open up for you professionally within +/- 3 days of the new moon. If nothing comes up for you, make your own opportunity by taking action on the 10th or 11th. Then, at the full moon September 24th, wrap up a hobby or creative project you’ve had in the works. Alternatively, a romantic relationship could reach the end of one stage as you prepare to embark on the next in your journey together.


Travel, higher education, or publishing & broadcasting ventures arising near the September new moon could have a profound impact in your life, dear Sagittarius. If you’ve considered embarking on an adventure involving any of those, use the days just after this new moon, the 10th and 11th, to make your start. A family matter could come to a head near the September 24th full moon, or a real estate or property deal or home improvement project could enter the final stages. Finalize the details in the days just after the full moon.


You have a major opportunity to transform your financial picture with the new moon in September, dear Capricorn. A financial windfall could arrive in the days around the 9th, but if not, make your own opportunity by initiating a long term financial plan or investment strategy of your own. Bonus or commission opportunities could pay off, too. A writing or communication effort may be wrapping up at months end, or a travel opportunity could come to fulfillment near the late September full moon.


A joint venture, partnership or other long term committed relationship begun near the September 9th new moon could be  influential for you, dear Aquarius. Watch within +/- 3 days of the new moon for an opportunity to arise in your partnership sector. If you took steps to begin an income earning venture at the new moon in Pisces six months ago, your efforts could be paying off by late September. If not, it’s possible an income source could come to an end, or you may finally have to make a financial outlay for an expense you’ve been holding off on.


You could make major changes to your health, habits or workaday life if you take action just after the September 9th new moon, dear Pisces. If you’ve been thinking about a new job or different position with your current employer, watch the days around the new moon for an opportunity to arise. If one doesn’t, make your own by taking action in the days just after the lunation. Alternatively, begin a new health regimen or change your diet, as the effect on your health could be surprisingly transformational. Then at month’s end, the full moon in your 1st House could bring to an end a role you’ve been filling for some time. Something personal to you may be coming to a conclusion at this time.

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