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The Ultimate Astrological Planner Printable Calendar

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The 13 month Ultimate Astrological Planner is available in a wide selection of styles and sizes to fit every planner need. Choose from

  • Tropical, Lahiri, or Fagan-Bradley zodiacs
  • Full size planners in your choice of lay-flat binding: comb, disc, or slim executive
  • Downloadable PDFs in a variety of popular sizes
  • A variety of planner accessories: divider tabs, natal charts, and refills


Upgrade to a Personalized Ultimate Astrological Planner and enjoy a custom guide to your daily transit-to-natal aspects and get your personal best days for love, luck, and business color coded for easy reference at a glance.

Order your copy right now and make this your best year yet!

In the meantime, please enjoy your complimentary month-at-a-glance Ultimate Astrological Planner calendar page. You can download your free printable planner pages using the previews shown. We’ve included your choice of Lahiri, Fagan-Bradley Sidereal or western Tropical versions, so please choose the zodiac that works best for you.

We recommend the Fagan-Bradley Sidereal calendar for members of our exclusive Facebook community, Sidereal Insights Astrology.

Shine on,


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