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Venn diagram of the intersection of art, astrology, and astrophysics X You are here.

Welcome to Uranus in the 5th House.


Sometimes life ignites in us what seem like completely disparate passions, I’m certain we all have them.


If we’re determined, we may find a way to turn one of those passions into our life’s work. If we’re blessed, we might find a way to integrate all that disparate-ness into something more or less cohesive.


In mid 2014 I faced a crossroads in my life. I recognized a valuable opportunity to re-imagine a life where those passions could coalesce into something tangible.


I became an entrepreneur, launching an online gallery for my art, and committed to studying more deeply the origin, history and mechanics of astrology.


jessica of the weirding
I vowed never to regret my decision.


This blog is a space for exploring the intersection of these disparate passions. You’re welcome to join me in it. It might look something like this:
Venn diagram of the intersection of art, astrology, and astrophysics
Venn diagram of your current conceptual location.


Discussion could land anywhere inside–or outside—of those circles. You’re just as likely to see glimpses of my processes as an artist as discoveries from NASA or insights from my personal exploration of humanity’s oldest science, astrology.


When life ignites a passion, ignore it at your peril. It’s a calling. But if you don’t answer, it’ll eventually hang up.


Shine on,










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